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In this tutorial, you will learn about the various components of dribbling & ball control that will turn you into lớn a skilled dribbler. We will be covering the following sections.

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1. Key Dribbling Abilities2. Types of dribblers in PES3. Dribbling Modes4. Basic of Dribbling5. Top Dribbling Tricks, How và When to lớn Exexinh đẹp Them6. Three Additional Advanced Techniques to Beat Defenders

1. Dribbling Abilities

A skilled dribbler has high ratings in these abilities. Use these players to lớn your advantage.

Ball Retention – The player is able to lớn retain possession despite pressure from opponents.Dribbling Speed – The player can move quickly when he has the ball.Ball Control – The player can trap the ball and persize feints well.Dribbling – The player can dribble well.Body Balance – The player is able to lớn shield and protect the ball from opponents.

Some dribbling tricks require the player to possess certain player skills cards. The cards are as follows.

01 Scissor Feint –The player is able lớn persize crossovers at high tốc độ.02 Flip-Flap – The player is able to lớn persize the flip-flap made famous by Ronaldinho.03 Marseille Turn – The player is able to lớn vì the 360 spin effectively, a signature move of Zinedine Zidane, as well as reverse 360 turn.04 Sombrero – The player is good at dribbling tricks that involves flicking the ball up.05 Precise cảm biến – This player can perkhung tricks such as L-Feint, Inside Bounce aka Stop-Start, & Stationary Kichồng Feint.

Players without these cards may still able to perkhung the tricks, but those with these cards will be able toexexinh đẹp them smoother while maintaining control of the ball.

If you are playing Coach mode, the following 3 cards will be useful lớn you.

01 Trickster – The player has a bagful of dribbling tricks khổng lồ fool the defender.02 Mazing Run – The player likes to lớn dribble deep inkhổng lồ the opponent’s area.04 Incisive Run – The player likes to lớn dribble & cut inlớn the box from the wings.

These cards are COM Playing style cards, which means that they are onlyapplicablewhen the players are controlled by the AI.

2. Types of Dribblers

Before we proceed further, it will be beneficial lớn learn more about the characteristics of dribblers. There are two main types of dribblers in Pro Evolution Soccer; I Hotline them Speedsters and Bulldozers.

2.1 Speedsters

Speedsters are fast and agile. They are usually small lớn medium-built, packed with great pace, have high rating in ‘Dribbling Speed’, và possess a number of dribbling skill cards. Speedsters beat defenders withtricks and tốc độ. However, they are physically shorter và weakerthan most players, và may be pushed off the ballby strong defenders.

When dribbling with these players, use pace lớn your advantage. Defenders who are physically strong tends lớn have low ratings in tốc độ & agility. Speedsters are able khổng lồ get past these defenders by sprinting past them. I will recommkết thúc you toplay these players on the flanks. This allows them to dash past defenders along the sidelines và cut inkhổng lồ the penalty box. Use yourmidfielders khổng lồ play lofted through passes lớn these players in order to utilize their tốc độ.


Use the R2 / RT button lớn evade defenders by dribbling around them

Use the R2 / RT button whenever we wish to make a directional change, no matter how minor, especially when there is a defender cthảm bại to us. It helpsus to maintain cthua kém control of the ball under tight situations & evade tackles.

4.3 Backtrack

The R2 / RT button allows us to tease the defender by bring the ball backwards. To exeđáng yêu this, hold R2 / RT button và push the directional stick backwards. How is this useful? It draws the defender towards us as we move backwards, thereby disrupting the opponent’s defensive line, at the same time opening up space for our teammates lớn exploit. For example, we can use our Center Forward inside the box to lớn backtraông chồng và draw the center defender away from his position, providing space for another teammate to lớn make a run into the box. This technique is especially useful when facing a defensive sầu team.

5. Top Dribbling Tricks

Please refer to this move list(jpeg file, opens in new window)which I have sầu created to lớn showcase all the dribbling tricks and feints. In the section below, I will highlight certain tricks which I find particularly useful, as well as recommendations on where lớn use it effectively.

5.1Body Feint

Trick is useful at: Anywhere. There should be space khổng lồ the side of the defender.

This is an easy triông xã lớn exeđáng yêu, & an effective sầu one as well. Basically, the dribbler fakes that he is going one directionwith a shoulder drop, but ends up going the other way. It is useful both when the player is stationary or in motion. The trichồng is suitable for use in all areas of the pitch. It will be hard for the defender khổng lồ recover after succumbing khổng lồ this triông chồng. What I personally enjoy is running full tốc độ at the defender and executing this trichồng. The player will beat the defender in one swift motion & continue his forward run.

5.2 Nutmeg / Run Around / Speed Burst

Trick is useful at: Anywhere. Ideally, there should be plenty of space behind the defender.

This is more of a fun trichồng to exeđáng yêu & not so much of effectiveness.

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5.3 Step Over / Cross Over

Trichồng is useful at: Down the flanks / 1-on-1 with last defender.There should be space behind the defender.

This is a simple-to-exexinh đẹp feint. When the defender is directly in front of you, bởi vì a step over, and push the Left Analog Stiông xã khổng lồ the side of the defender to run past him.

When you are running at full speed and the defender is rushing towards you from the side, simply rotate the Right Analog Stick 2 to lớn 3 times. Your player will perform the step overs to lớn fool the defender và evade hyên while continuing his run forward.

Players with the skill card ‘Scissors Feint’ will find it easier khổng lồ execute multiple step overs at running speed.

5.4 Draw & xuất hiện / Draw và Close

Triông xã is useful at: Anywhere. There should be space beside the defender.

The player will drag the ball back, drawing the defender towards hlặng, & push the ball past hlặng. You can then tốc độ off, away from the defender.

5.5Drag Baông chồng Dummy

Trick is useful at: Down The Flanks. There should be space behind the defender.

This is useful when we wish to lớn evade the defender who is directly in front of us. The drag back draws the defender towards our dribbler, after which we evade the defender by pushing the ball past hyên ổn. He will be left stranded as we continue our run forward.

5.6 Flip Flap

Triông chồng is useful at: Anywhere

Flip Flap allows you khổng lồ evade a defender in a slow, controlled movement. I seldom use this as there are other better alternatives, & not many players possess the Flip Flap skill card khổng lồ pull this off successfully.


Triông chồng is useful at: Anywhere

The direction of the player’s spin is determined by the direction in which you rotate the Right Analog Stiông chồng. Go clockwise and the player will spin clockwise. The direction in which you push your Left Analog Stiông xã after the spin depends on the direction you wish lớn go.If you are attacking from Left khổng lồ Right and are running down the right flank, và there is a defender approaching you from your left, you will want to push your Left Analog Stick Upwards, such that your player spins past the defender và faces the direction of the goal, allowing you khổng lồ continue your run towards goal.

5.8 Double Touch

Trick is useful at: Anywhere

This is a good trick to lớn bring the ball to the side of the defender và sprint past hyên. I highly recommover this move sầu as it is easy khổng lồ exedễ thương, and effective as well.

5.9Ronaldo Chop

Triông xã is useful at: The flanks. In the penalty box.

This trichồng is very useful when we wish to lớn make sudden, 90 degrees turn. For example, the dribbler is running down the flank with a defender cthảm bại lớn hyên ổn. Executing this triông xã allows hyên khổng lồ beat the defender và gives him a clear path towards goal.

It is also useful when a striker is in the box. Suppose a right footed striker is running towards the left post. It will not be advisable khổng lồ shoot as the striker will have lớn shoot with his weaker left leg. Executing a Cross Over Turn changes the direction of the striker, such that he can now shoot with his right leg, thereby increasing shot accuracy và power.

5.10 Sombrero

Trichồng is useful at: Near khổng lồ the penalty box.There should be space behind the defender.

A useful and very flashy trick. With your player’s back on goal, he receives the ball, flicks the ball vertically up inkhổng lồ the air, và fliông chồng it over the defender behind him. It is easy khổng lồ exeđáng yêu và can be performed by any player. However, players with the ‘Sombrero’ skill card will persize it better. After evading the defender, you can exexinh đẹp a volley towards goal.

5.11 Rainbow Flick

Trichồng is useful at: Anywhere. There should be space behind the defender.

The player will fliông chồng the ball from behind over his head và run forward lớn catch the ball. Although it looks really cool, I find it unrealistic as we seldom see players executing this trick in actual soccer matches. Thus I seldomuse this trick.

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