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a game by Atlus
Platforms: Playstation 4, Playstation 3
Editor Rating: 8.8/10, based on 2 Reviews
User Rating: 6.4/10 - 28 votes
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Persona as a series has always been beloved for its set of real-life scenarquả táo and relatable situations, combined with the surreal và action-heavy scenes in between. The series is known for its well written và relatable characters, it’s JRPG turned based combat system và the ability lớn let players approach the game in any way that they choose, with their choices playing a major role in how the story pans out. So with Persomãng cầu 5, really fans only wanted more of the same.

This game plays rather lượt thích other games in the Persomãng cầu series. However, outside of this, the game also plays like JRPG titles like Shin Megangươi Tensei: Digital Devil Saga, Danganronpa, Final Fantasy XV & The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel. With many fans hailing Persomãng cầu 4 as the best title in the series to lớn date, the fifth iteration had big shoes khổng lồ fill. So the question is, did this game live up to lớn the hype? We find out in our Đánh Giá of Persona 5.


Built With Love & Care

When comparing khổng lồ it’s most recent predecessor, Persomãng cầu 5 handles cấp độ kiến thiết a little differently. Up until now, the series had relied on procedural generation lớn create environments & dungeons. However, this time the developer has decided to lớn h& make each area, each with its own quality aspects và puzzles which help khổng lồ make each area feel fresh & interesting throughout the entire runtime of this game. Not to lớn mention, they are much bigger, meaning much more lớn explore.

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Then with regards lớn the combat, returning fans will feel right at trang chính with a familiar turn-based style making a return. It’s a very complex system but it’s so intuitive sầu that one rarely stops to notice. Additions lớn the system this time around include negotiation, a focus on ranged weapons, plus the ability to lớn fuse personas together lớn create the best ally for battle. The game tailors to every possible playstyle & we have to say, we really enjoyed it.

A More Cohesive sầu Story

In past games in the series, with emphasis on Persona 4, the story always felt lượt thích it took a baông xã seat, letting the characters & their relationships shine through. However, in this title, it feels lượt thích quite the opposite. The core narrative sầu is gripping throughout the whole campaign meaning that even without character interaction, this game still has a lot lớn offer story-wise. Plus, that’s not khổng lồ say that the characters are weak, far from it. They just offer their own standalone moments throughout rather than a group effort that relies on all parties being present.


Then with a focus on the daily routine aspect of this game, this iteration allows for more choices, more activities & more people khổng lồ forge bonds with. It goes without saying if you are a người of the series, but each decision you make, however small, can be crucial và this game makes the player feel the weight of their actions better than any has done before. It’s a real triumph.

The Verdict

Overall, Persomãng cầu 5 is a step up from its predecessor in every single department. A feat that is no easy one considering the quality of Persona 4. The visual and sound quality is outstanding, the turn-based combat is complex yet intuitive, the story is more cohesive sầu than before và the cấp độ design has risen in scope drastically.

The only downside we could find regarding this game was the mandatory grinding that you’ll need to partake in especially for end game content but as a whole, this is a masterpiece và sets a new benchmark for the genre.


Art & sound are outstandingStory is more cohesive sầu than beforeCombat is familiar but improvedPlenty of fanfare for fans of the series


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