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anhhungxadieu.vn, master rubber craftsman since 1853, continues khổng lồ hand make its boots perpetuating a quality know-how in the protection of man in nature. In coherence with this heritage, boots, shoes and clothing also combine authenticity, style and function. High standards và attention khổng lồ detail are at the heart of the thiết kế of all collections to lớn guarantee a durable and essential product.

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anhhungxadieu.vn, in charge of processing, implements a processing of personal data concerning you for the purpose of management of contacts, prospects và consumers.

The data collected is essential for this processing & is intended for the relevant departments of anhhungxadieu.vn, as well as, if necessary, its subcontractors or service providers.

The length of time for which your data is stored is detailed in our privacy policy.

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In application of the legislation in force, you have a right of access, rectification or erasure, limitation of the treatment of your data, a right of opposition, a right to the portability of your data as well as the right to lớn define guidelines regarding the fate of your data after your death, which are exercised by e-mail at dataprotection
anhhungxadieu.vn or by mail khổng lồ the attention of Service Juridique / Responsable Données Personnelles, à l’adresse suivante ZI ST USTRE, Ingrandes sur Vienne, CS 30755, 86107 Châtellerault cedex Paris (France). In order to securely process your requests, anhhungxadieu.vn will ask you khổng lồ prove your identity by any means. Should there be any reasonable doubt during this verification, anhhungxadieu.vn may ask you to provide a copy of an identity document.

Finally, you have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

If you are an anhhungxadieu.vn customer, the information relating khổng lồ the processing of personal data regarding you can be found in our privacy policyavailable on the site.

Or via social networks We will access only your forename, surname and thư điện tử address & use them khổng lồ provide you with a quick way of logging in. We will not post anything on your account.


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