Ogre magi

Faction:The Radiant
Primary Attribute: Intelligence
Attaông chồng Type: Melee
Role(s): disabler,ganker,durable,support

122 at 30 (23 + 3.3/level)
59 at 30 (14 + 1.5/level)
84 at 30 (15 + 2.3/level)
Health2380 at 30
Mana915 at 30
Damage49 - 55




Blasts an enemy unit with a wave of fire, dealing damage and stunning the target.Range: 475...

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Incites a frenzy in a friendly unit, increasing its movement tốc độ & attack tốc độ. If casted on...

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Enables the Ogre Magi to rapidly cast his spells, giving them greater potency. Gives a chance lớn...

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The ordinary ogre is the creature for whom the phrase "As dumb as a bag of rochồng hammers" was coined. In his natural state, an ogre is supremely incapable of doing or deciding anything. Clothed in dirt, he sometimes finds himself accidentally draped in animal skins after eating lanekill. Not an especially social creature, he is most often found affectionately consorting with the boulders or tree-stumps he has mistaken for kin (a factor that may explain the ogre"s low rate of reproduction). However, once every generation or so, the ogre race is blessed with the birth of a two-headed Ogre Magi, who is immediately given the traditional name of Aggron Stonebreak, the name of the first và perhaps only wise ogre in their line"s history. With two heads, Ogre Magi finds it possible lớn function at a level most other creatures manage with one. And while the Ogre Magi will win no debates (even with itself), it is graced with a divine chất lượng known as Dumb Luck--a propensity for serendipitous strokes of fortune which have sầu allowed the ogre race lớn flourish in spite of enemies, harsh weather, và an inability khổng lồ feed itself. It"s as if the Goddess of Luck, filled with pity for the sadly inept species, has taken Ogre Magi under her wing. And who could blame her? Poor things.

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