Oppo neo 5

PROS Tried và tested design Compact kích thước CONS Average performance Sub-par camera Poor sound unique High price


If phones are supposed khổng lồ be priced according to their specs, then the điện thoại oppo Neo 5 is a mistake. If they're supposed khổng lồ be priced based on performance, it doesn't live up lớn the Rs. 9,990price tag.It is a mediocre phone, at a steep price và loses out in almost all aspects. Almost every điện thoại in the sub-10k range is a better choice.

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Oppo Neo 5 năm ngoái detailed nhận xét

In a world where budget devices are getting better by the day,Oppo has launched the Neo 5 2015, a good looking and rather robust phone for the budget buyer. On first impressions,the phone feels good in the hand và UI feels snappy, but it has its issues.Let's find out.


Build và DesignThe device is made up of plastic và it tries khổng lồ mimicthe premium look và feel of the iPhone 4S. The fit & finish of panels và the power và volume rocker button, feelwell put together. The smaller footprint of the phone makes it quite ergonomic & easy to lớn hold, compared lớn other phones in its price range.


Design-wise, I think Oppo's is trying khổng lồ play safe by mimicking a classic design like the iPhone 4S. And, even though it is plastic, it feels good enough. However, all its tricks fall apart one by one. The glossy back and front,which try khổng lồ give an upmarket look are fingerprint magnets. In addition, the chamfered edges dig into your hands after prolonged usage. I must also add, the three navigation key at the bottom don’t light up.

Display & UIWhile the build chất lượng can still be considered decent, here onwards everything goes downhill for the Neo 5. The 4.5-inch display,which makes the phone easy to lớn hold, has a resolution of only 480 x 854 pixels. This resolution is lower than almost anything at its price, since most of its counterparts have an HD display at least. Moreover, it is quite reflective as well. In normal usage, under the sun, I saw myself instead of the display, which was quite annoying when receiving calls or trying lớn text. Adding khổng lồ this, the viewing angles & colour saturation of the display is average & I expected better from the company. Oppo has used better displays in many of its other phones.


As for the UI, the phone is running màu sắc OS on top of android Kitkat. First of all, Oppo's choice lớn stay on Kitkat is a definite step back, given that almost every other manufacturer is providing Lollipop-powered devices. Coming back lớn the UI, it works và runs smoothly. There are plenty of good looking apps and icons, lượt thích the music app, but the UI feels a bit overdone at few places. For example, the Settings menu is divided into three different tabs. The animations across the UI take unnecessary time. điện thoại oppo could have made them faster but instead they perform in a rather slowly. Also, the lack of tiện ích drawer will be a khuyến mãi breaker for some. The UI also becomes an issue in some other cases, which I will describe later.

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PerformanceLike I said earlier, the UI on the phone runs smoothly & I felt no lag while navigating through it. Day-to-day performance is okay but there are occasional stutters. As for the hardcore gaming part, while the phone is not that powerful on paper, it is able to lớn handle simple games like Temple Run, Subway Surfer etc.albeit, withoccasional lags.However, at Rs. 9,990, phones lượt thích Yu Yureka Plus or the Honor 4C offer much better experience. Treading through the synthetic benchmarks, the phone does come out lớn be outmatched when compared to the competition.

As for the điện thoại tư vấn quality, I found it to lớn be okay. On the other hand, music playback via the loudspeaker or headphones felt unsatisfactory. The phone is not loud enough và won’t be able lớn please even the non-audiophile. It's actually even worse than the Honor 6, with Huawei's known volume issues.


BatteryWith below average performance so far, I wasn't expecting a stellar battery life and I wasn't surprised. In our normal battery thử nghiệm where we run a 1080p file on loop, the 1900 mAh battery lasts 6.5 hours. Using the phone as a daily driver I found the battery lasted about 12 hours at best,on a normal working day, which included bunch of calls, half an hour gaming, some photography moments and hour of đoạn phim streaming via YouTube.

CameraThe camera is a greater disappointment though. The 8MP camera at the rear, overexposes images and leaves too much visible noise in pictures. Images taken, lack colour accuracy và have a less than average dynamic range. Low light images were equally poor và had too much noise. The flash is overpowering và ruins the images when used. The đoạn phim camera is average & the front-facing camera looks like a đồ họa cam.


Oppo Neo 5

BottomlineThe oppo Neo 5 is not a good phone to lớn buy. There are plenty of options under the sub-10K price point, which offer almost twice the performance in every aspect. Compared khổng lồ the smarphone oppo Neo 5, even the moto G (1st Gen) would be a good buy, while the newer,phones lượt thích the Yu Yureka Plus, Lenovo K3 lưu ý or the Honor 4C. In fact, if this is the performance you want, then save some money and buy the mi Redmi 2 or Lenovo A6000 Plus.

smarphone oppo Neo 5 2015 Key Specs, Price and Launch Date

Price: ₹9990
Release Date:10 Jun 2015
Variant: 8GB
Market Status:Discontinued

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