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A Spark of Brilliance


A Different Kind Of Shine

The anhhungxadieu.vn Mirror 5 can’t help but be admired from all angles, thanks lớn its sleek exterior & inner strength. Whether you are intrigued by its utilitarian features from up cchiến bại and personal, or captivated by its sparkling prisms from afar; the Mirror 5 opens new doors lớn new possibilities.


Sparkling Diamond-like Mirrored Surface

Look Back On EleganceThrough Many Fascinating Prisms

Feast your eyes on its chất lượng bachồng exterior; designed with individual cut-glass sections và different reflective sầu tendencies, all crafted using a sophisticated ultraviolet embossing technique. Choose from stylish monochromes of Ivory White or Midnight Blue to burst open lights and shadows.


Beautiful Inside And Out

Crafted For Exceptional Handling

Beneath the attractive sầu surface is an innovative sầu internal structure reinforced with a bi-metallic frame with cross beams for exceptional strength & durability to handle an incredible variety of exacting tasks.


Creative Shots For The Fun-loving Individual

Frame Your Snapshots In All The Right Angles

Whether you’re an amateur snapper or a pro photographer, the Smarphone anhhungxadieu.vn Mirror 5 camera combines the functions of high-over digital cameras whilst catering perfectly khổng lồ your photo lớn needs – be they fabulous selfies or scenic landscapes.

Its in-built camera does away with the need for any special techniques or complicated extras to give sầu your everyday shots the “just right” feel you’ve been after.

5 Megapx Front Camera

Let Your Selfies Speak For Themselves

The upgraded 5 MP.. front camera comes with Beautify 3.0 giải pháp công nghệ, which eliminates the need for image editing, leaving you khổng lồ focus on capturing beautiful & natural selfies to cốt truyện with friends và family. Comes equipped with multiple modes, matching gender, age, and so much more.

8 Megapx Main Camera

Make Your Photos Stand Out

With f/2.2 aperture lens và 1.4 um pixels kích cỡ, shutterbugs can rejoice with the excellent photographic effects of the 8 MP. main camera. With greater photo-sensitivity for low light conditions & a swifter exposure time to lớn minimize blurring, as well as the newly enhanced Pure Image 2.0+ engine, you can look forward khổng lồ consistently superior images, day in, day out.

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Multi-function Pholớn Shoot Features

For Breathtaking Images

Besides state-of-the-art photographic modes lượt thích Beautify 3.0, Double Exposure and Various Filters, other credentials include modes lượt thích Time-lapse, Ultra-HD, Slow Shutter, Panorama, HDR, Super GIF, Audio Photo, Colorful Night, Expert Mode & Normal Mode to lớn tell your story the way you want it to lớn be told.


Time-lapse shooting through the method of interval frame selection, a relatively lengthy scene can be compressed within a short time.

Super GIF

Record stop-motion animation, with the addition of reversed & playable GIF animation modes, to lớn create more fun moments.

Various Filters

11 different built-in filters for one-step image enhancements. You can easily edit your images without downloading additional apps.

Double Exposure

Shoot twice & automatically overlap pictures into one lớn create chất lượng visual effects.

Powerful Inside

Qualcomm SnapLong Quad-core 64 Bits Processor 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM

Fast và seamless multitasking between games, programs và applications.

Ultra-wide 5-inch Display

For fantastic image quality and entertainment that is truly pleasurable and enjoyable on the go.

Dual SIM And Dual Standby

Mirror 5 can be simultaneously connected to two different networks while running an external SD thẻ of up lớn 128 GB. With super high speeds dual thẻ slots & extra SD thẻ slot lớn balance your work & personal needs, the Mirror 5 frees you up khổng lồ achieve more in any given day.

Smart Remote Control

An Invisible Hand

Smart living is here with the ultra-responsive remote control function of the Mirror 5, compatible with comtháng household appliances. Not only does it use an all-new concave lens for stronger and more sensitive signals from vast distances, the platkhung also supports online updates of appliance compatibility khổng lồ give sầu total household control.

All New ColorOS 2.1 Based On Android 5.1

Faster, Steadier, Better

Mirror 5 has fast activation speed, smooth & steady sliding, more memory and power when ColorOS 2.1 meets Android 5.1 together.

Designed with chất lượng while keeping it simple, we accentuate the core contents & prioritize information accordingly. A clearly layered & minimadanh mục version that provides a more entertaining user experience.


Smart Clearance

If the screen is idle for more than 10 minutes, clearing process of memory garbage will be initiated automatically. Real automatic optimization.

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Homescreen Management

ColorOS 2.1 has a specialized three-in-one efficient management và organizing function. Shake it for automatic sorting, quick transfers across pages, và management of icons by batches.


Lockscreen Notification

Important notifications are shown under lockscreen status to remind user to take action & not miss any important messages.

Screen-off Gestures

During screen-off mode, use gestures directly on the screen khổng lồ activate specific functions: screen on, activate camera, make calls etc. All gestures can be customized.

Single-h& Mode

When on the subway or exercising, just slide from the lower-left or -right corner lớn the middle of the screen khổng lồ activate mini-screen mode for easy operation.


Height Width Thickness Weight
143.4 milimet
71.2 mm
7.65 milimet
160 g

G-Sensor E-Compass Light SensorDistance Sensor IR remote

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