Jual Headphone Hang Ear One Piece


“Chair #1”: this wood chair is designed by the Russian studio Soha Concept.

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Founded by Denis Milovanov, Soha Concept conceive and produce furniture design and decorative objetcs in solid oak in a brutacác mục & authentic style but always elegant. All Soha’s creations are executed in one unique style based on the aesthetic properties of long-established wooden architecture in the North of Russia. Wood is masterfully hand processed with chainsaw, which produces beautiful surface patterns. In accordance with traditional Russian woodwork principles the resulting shape is boiled in linseed oil lớn expel natural moisture & increase durability till wood attains a noble và reserved shade of color.

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Each piece is one-of-a-kind handmade article.


ChairSild oak with linseed oilStandard dimensions: H80 cm (seat H46 x 40 cm)Customization upon request

Categories: All, Chairs, Designers, Seating, SÓHA Concept

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