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Nami, nicknamed the cat Burglar, is the Navigator in Monkey D Luffy's Straw Hat Pirates crew. Being part of the original members of the crew that joined during the East blue saga, she is one of the oldest characters in the One Piece series & also one of the most beloved.

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Despite all that, it could be said that as a character, Nami is one about whom not much is known. Indeed, when it comes khổng lồ her history and past, little to nothing is known outside of what was revealed during the Arlong Park arc. While it could just be that this is all there is that needs khổng lồ be known about Nami, knowing the tác giả of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda, it could be that more is khổng lồ come. Regardless, Nami's story is incredible, & one filled with pain và self-sacrifice, all of which led her khổng lồ find the friends that she has today.

Arlong Park


Nami was introduced in One Piece quite early, during the Orange Town arc. She was the second Straw Hat after Zoro khổng lồ join Luffy's group, however, it wasn't until the Arlong Park arc that fans found out more about this Straw Hat Pirate. This arc was centered around Nami, following the events of Baratie, where she stole the flagship of the crew, the Going Merry. The rest of the Straw Hats went after her & with Sanji joining Luffy's newest recruit khổng lồ the crew, Luffy caught up khổng lồ Zoro & Usopp who were already in Cocoyashi Village, a village located on the Conomi Islands, where Nami grew.

Nami’s island was revealed lớn have been under the control of the Arlong Pirates for 8 years, và she was painted to lớn be the only hope of the people to free the island. When Arlong first came lớn Cocoyasi, he demanded all the people of the island pay him a tax lớn stay alive. Nami & Nojiko, her sister, were protected by their adoptive mother, Bellemere. Only having enough for Nami và her sister, Bellemere was killed. Following this, Nami was forcibly taken under the wing of Arlong, as her skill khổng lồ craft elite naval charts just as a child was uncovered by the pirate group. Consequently, Nami became an asset to lớn the group and, in many ways, a slave. Brave as she was, she then asked Arlong to lớn leave the island if she paid him 100 million berries.

Due lớn Arlong not going through with their giảm giá khuyến mãi and having her money stolen at the hands of the Navy, her last hope was none other than Monkey D. Luffy. After asking for his help, Luffy gave her a hand without hesitation and, with that, he và the other three crewmates fought Arlong. In a cathartic struggle, the crew managed khổng lồ come out on vị trí cao nhất after the battle. With that, they managed khổng lồ finally không tính tiền Nami và the island, and after that, Nami joins the Straw Hat pirate officially as their navigator.

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Nami had to endure quite a lot at the hands of the Fishman và one couldn't even blame her if she were to lớn develop a deep hatred for them. However, Nami is one of the kindest people in the One Piece world và is also very strong. This was indicated khổng lồ the fans when she met Jinbe during the Fishman Island arc. When Luffy infiltrated Impel Down to lớn save his brother Ace, he met a member of the Shichibukai who he ended up freeing, Jinbe. After the timeskip, Jinbe’s role in the story alongside the Straw Hats only grew. During the Fishman Island arc, Jinbe went on to reveal that he was the person who held all responsibility when it came khổng lồ letting Arlong roam the East Blue. In a shocking turn of events, it was revealed that all the pain that Nami had lớn endure stemmed from a simple mistake by Jinbe.

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After explaining everything khổng lồ Nami & the others, Jinbe went on khổng lồ say that he would accept any punishment Nami would want to lớn inflict on him. However, despite hearing that he was a major cause of her suffering, Nami went on to lớn say that she didn't blame him, as Arlong was the guilty one. Even though Sanji resented Jinbe for what he had enabled Arlong lớn do, he only respected Nami’s decision, despite the prior chastisement of this Fishman. With that, Nami broke the cycle of hatred by deciding lớn forgive Jinbe and not resent Fishman, despite everything she had to endure in her life.


During the Onigashima phase of the Wano arc, Jinbe officially joined up with the Straw Hat Pirates and, with that, Nami và Jinbe both belong lớn the same pirate crew và get along quite well. With Nami as the navigator and Jinbe as the helmsman, the crew can navigate the Sunny through the toughest weather.

Nami’s story is not over. Her character only grows with each arc & as she is yet to lớn accomplish her goal of drawing a bản đồ of the world, there is certainly more to lớn come from her. Nami will certainly continue lớn grow from here onwards & the current arc, Egghead Island will surely provide more opportunities for her khổng lồ make a mark on the world. What's more, it is also possible for Nami khổng lồ receive a backstory in the future, especially given that her true origins are not known. However, it is unlikely, as her character is already fleshed out properly. That said, only Oda can tell.

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