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I am a huge One Piece fan, so when this came out I of course had lớn watch it! But I was a bit nervous because it is called "One piece 3D"... Và my worries were correct. It doesn't look much like the show at all. It really resembles a đoạn phim game cut-scene. Once I saw that, I was thinking "crap, this is going to lớn suck." So if you're thinking the same thing, you are not the only one! Trust me. However!! After a few minutes, I got used lớn the art and started to pay more attention to lớn the actual story. Which I did in fact enjoy a lot!Story: 8 (Very Good)Basically, this short 'movie' is about Luffy frantically trying to retrieve his hat. As all One Piece fans will know, his hat is very important to lớn him! So of course he would go crazy looking for it, & the crew helps him as well... But of course for the Straw Hat Pirates, nothing is ever simple. That's basically all there is to lớn the movie. It sounds rather boring in a summary, but is actually quite entertaining to lớn watch! Art: 8 (Very Good)Like I mentioned before, I didn't lượt thích the art at first just because I wasn't used to lớn it. But once I got adjusted to the style of the movie, I started to lượt thích it. It was nicely detailed and their movements were much more smooth & clear than I thought they would be. I can tell the artists put a lot of effort into making this very eye-appealing. The fighting is also very awesome & well-done! Unlike some video-game cut-scenes, the fights in this actually reminded me of the fights in the show. (Zoro's fight was one of the coolest parts of the entire movie! If anything you should watch it just khổng lồ see Zoro in action!)The backgrounds are also very beautiful. The water, icebergs, smoke, và such are all very realistic Sound: 9 (Great)The voice acting in One Piece is as good as ever! The voices of each character are perfect for them & are exciting lớn hear! They have lots of emotion and seem to lớn put a lot of effort into making their character sound perfect!The music is also pretty good, not amazing or mind-blowing, but it was still a good addition lớn the animation.Character: 9 (Great)Sometimes with One Piece OVAs, movies và side-stories, the characters are completely out-of-character & make me angry. Something I really loved about this movie was that everyone acted very in-character. Just like they would act in the show. Enjoyment: 9 (Great)I would definitely be willing to lớn watch this movie again, the story was great và the art was also very awesome. I only wish I had 3d glasses to watch it with, that might make it even more epic than it already is!One of the things that really made me enjoy this movie was that we get to lớn see all of the Straw Hat Pirates fighting together, which is something that rarely ever happens (a lot of times they're all off fighting their own battles). It's great khổng lồ see them team up and work together so nicely! Overall: 9 (Great)Despite wanting to lớn give it a 4 after the first 30 seconds (because I was too quick lớn judge it), I really loved watching this short movie! If you are a One Piece fan, I can almost guarantee you will enjoy this 30 minute movie.
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