Gtx 560: Nơi Bán Giá Rẻ, Uy Tín, Chất Lượng Nhất


Taipei, Taiwan, November 29th, 2011 công nghệ Co. LTD, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, is pleased to introduce the new premium graphics card, GV-N560448-13I. Built with NVIDIA® 40nm process GeForce® GTX 560 Ti 448 Cores & GDDR5 high tốc độ memory, GV-N560448-13I supports Microsoft DirectX 11 technology. In addition, GV-N560448-13I is equipped with’s innovative WINDFORCE™ 3X cooling design, which features outward-inclined fans, two 8mm pure cooper heat pipes, và a large kích cỡ vapor chamber. GV-N560448-13I also adopts Ultra Durable VGA, premium quality materials. Supporting NVIDIA® 3 chiều Vision™, 3 chiều Vision™ Surround, PhyX®, and 2-way SLI®, GV-N560448-13I provides extreme exciting và enjoyable gaming experience for all hardcore gamers.

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WINDFORCE™ 3X Anti-Turbulence Cooling – Super Cool! Super Quiet!

GV-N560448-13I is equipped with WINDFORCE™ 3X cooling technology. WINDFORCE™ 3X outward-inclined fan hâm mộ design is’s innovative new generation triple-fan solution, which features 3 ultra quiet PWM fans, two 8mm pure copper heat pipes, và a king-size (140x86mm) vapor chamber to lớn maximize the speed of heat dissipation.

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The special outward-inclined triple-fan kiến thiết effectively minimizes the flow of turbulence between the three fans. With a unique vapor chamber, WINDFORCE™ 3X is able lớn transfer heat from the hot spot to lớn the cool spot as thermal energy becomes evaporated khổng lồ the surrounding air. By capillary action, the condensed liquid droplets circulate back to the base of chamber. The cycles of evaporation & condensation enhance heat dissipation for greater cooling efficiency. Moreover, WINDFORCE™ 3X is equipped with two copper heat pipes to strengthen the speed of heat dissipation.

Ultra Durable card vga – Premium chất lượng Components

To provide best gaming experience for gamers, has been putting effort on premium quality components. With Ultra Durable card đồ họa Technology,’s exclusive technology, GV-N560448-13I guarantees better overclocking capability, lower GPU temperature, và great nguồn efficiency by using 2 oz PCB board, Samsung & Hynix memory, Japanese solid capacitors, Ferrite/Metal chip core chokes, và Low RDS (on) mosfet. With industry’s leading quality, GV-N560448-13I graphics thẻ is qualified to lớn satisfy the most critical gamers. | | 68gamebai | new88 | game bài đổi thưởng | | C54 MOBI | j88