The official charcoal đen Samsung S View Cover with built-in "wireless charging" for the Samsung Galaxy note 4 is slim và stylish. Ideal for checking the time or screening & answering incoming calls without opening the case.

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The official charcoal black Samsung S View Cover with built-in "wireless charging" for the Samsung Galaxy cảnh báo 4 is slim & stylish. Ideal for checking the time or screening và answering incoming calls without opening the case.
4.7stars from41customers

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I bought this cover simple reason I"m updating my oto with wireless charging và protection for my device. Instructions were simple và the case is a snug fit even the window works well.this cover original samsung product và will never buy third buổi tiệc nhỏ I"d recommend to lớn anyone looking lớn future of wireless charging. And lastly i couldn"t fault thiết bị di động fun as the sản phẩm was well packaged và using economy post it still turned up within 3 days.
J D Hart
9th March 2016
Samsung cảnh báo 4
5 starts product
If you are relaying on reviews to siêu thị the best like me. Just click buy now as I have read all the reiews that you about lớn read and, I am very happy with my Samsung chú ý 4 Wireless S View Cover & the speedy delivery.
2nd December 2015
Samsung lưu ý 4 wireless S view cover
I"d received my hàng hóa without any issues, no damage, fast and it was the sản phẩm I"d buyed.
23rd November 2015
5 stars Samsung S view wireless cover
5 stars sản phẩm formula:l. Good Product2. Good Price3. Trust worthy product reviews4. Easy khổng lồ order5. Speed delivery
22nd November 2015
Samsung note 4 wireless S view cover
Great siteOrdered and delivered in a couple of days! No hassle purchaseCheers
12th November 2015
Cable miễn phí Charging made easy
I had already bought a non samsung device lớn enable wireless charging but decided to lớn upgrade khổng lồ a genuine Samsung Wireless charging case. What a difference the case makes, it"s quicker and switches off once the phone is charged. Simply brilliant.
Kevin Searle
2nd September 2015
Samsung Galaxy note 4
excellent product
video it straight on the phone & that"s it, done. I checked it next lớn my old case, and the wireless case was no different in size. Great product.
David Dakin
17th August 2015
Note 4
Excellent cover for wireless charging
This case does everything as described & is less than 5mm thicker than the standard chú ý 4 case so is hardly noticeable. It enables you to choose between wired or wireless charging whether you are at home, in the office or on the go.Would recommend và would happily buy again. My engineering friends are most impressed with it.
Samantha McCauley
11th July 2015
Samsung Galaxy chú ý 4
wireless charger case, the essential partner.
Awesome case, very good protection and only slightly thicker than the normal S view case.This case turns a premium product into the ultimate premium device.
Steve manning
3rd July 2015
galaxy chú ý 4
Genuine Samsung part
This is probably the best cover you can buy for your chú ý 4.The S View cover & the wireless charging sensor work a treat. The unique is excellent. However, I will say that one thing you have to consider is that if you use it in a holder, for example, a selfie holder, you may have trouble with it fitting. I find I have to lớn remove it for my tripod clamp. It"s ok in my car holder though. I wouldn"t mark it down for this though because it"s not the covers fault.
Kevin Barnes
17th May 2015
Samsung galaxy chú ý 4
Excellent device
I was using a temporary cover pending getting this cover, và when it was used it made the note 4 feel lượt thích a different phone. Its sleek design integrates fully with the phone while providing great protection from bumps và drops without adding any extra bulk. This cover replaces the existing back cover of the phone.The “S” view functions integrated into the cover work well và provide extra usable displays. On opening the cover the tự động hóa turn on function turns on the phone. Closing the cover turns on the “S” view display. The wireless charging works well with three different QI chargers one of which does not work with either a nexus 5 và Nexus 7.I can thoroughly recommend this device.
David Roe
9th May 2015
Samsung Galaxy note 4 S View Wireless Charging Cover
London UK
The real giảm giá khuyến mãi
This is a genuine Samsung product, so it fits perfectly, & is easy to fit. Yes there are others out there who promise genuine products but quite often deliver something far inferior. It"s also nice to giảm giá khuyến mãi with a company who vì chưng exactly what they promise, unlike others who promise next day và when it doesn"t turn up come up with a string of reasons as to lớn why it didn"t happen.
Colin Carlson
2nd May 2015
Samsung Galaxy lưu ý 4
South Wales
Very nice protect cover. Elegant and with Spigen magnetic đoạn phim in combination is very good phone protection. Save battery life, và has possibility for QI wireless charging with wireless basement. All recommends.
Zeljko Seferovic
7th April 2015
note 4
perfect so far
This tòa tháp makes the cảnh báo 4 perfect. I can put the phone on the charger while at work và grab it when a gọi comes & be on the go immediately without fiddling with the charging cable. Can vì chưng the same at night at trang chủ without fiddling with the wire in the dark.However judging from past experience with s-view covers (for S3,S4,S5,N2 & N3 ~ yes I am a Samsung fan...) all s-view covers become "floppy" after being used for a while... Ie. The front cover becomes loose và dangles at an angle. Have lớn wait to lớn see if the same would happen khổng lồ this one.
Peter Chan
12th March 2015
Samsung Galaxy note 4 Duos
Hong kong
unique and performance that you would expect
Having just got my lưu ý 4 I wanted a unique case to match, I had a flip case like this for my S2, and along with the QI charging built in it seemed ideal.From both the build và performance side of things I just cannot fault this case.There is one thing to lớn bear in mind, since it replaces the existing back cover of the phone it"s not a simple thing khổng lồ remove the phone for car docks etc, we"re I to lớn buy this again I would get the qi back & an aftermarket leather s-view case.That said I và still very pleased with this case.
Nigel White
10th March 2015
Samsung Galaxy note 4
fantastic case
Fantastic cover, and worth every penny. If you"re looking for great protection without adding extra bulk to lớn your galaxy cảnh báo 4 then this is a must buy. With the S View screen & built in wireless charging ability, you cannot go wrong. I cannot think of any flaws with this item. Sleek design & asthetically pleasing, I would highly recommend this to lớn any lưu ý 4 owner as an essential piece of kit!
Steven Blundell
4th March 2015
samsung galaxy lưu ý 4
A little disappointed
I believe that I ordered the phone cover with the charger.Only received the cover? Reply
The charging is in the cover. Its a wireless Qi charging case for use with Qi charging pads.
Billy van de Weerd
3rd January 2015
South Lake
A little disappointed
I believe that I ordered the phone cover with the charger.Only received the cover? Reply
The charging is in the cover. Its a wireless Qi charging case for use with Qi charging pads.
Billy van de Weerd
3rd January 2015
South Lake
Great accessory
It"s so easy just to lớn reach out sleepily & dock this without waking up! Bit big & heavy, but the wireless charging and s-window functions make it a must-have for me.
Peter thomas
31st December 2014
galaxy lưu ý 4
Awesome product & great service
What a pleasure dealing with sản phẩm điện thoại Fun! Delivery was quick và efficient & in time for Christmas (within 24 hours of ordering)!! product is fantastic - how did I ever charge my phone with wires before? and why would I ever again!
29th December 2014
Samsung Galaxy chú ý 4
Great product & service
Took a while for it to lớn arrive in stock but was kept informed on the progress & actually was delivered sooner than I expected.Great product, complements the chú ý 4 perfectly. Now waiting for the Samsung Wireless Charger...Christmas isn"t far away!Excellent service from mobile Fun yet again.
Ian Giddings
1st December 2014
Samsung Galaxy chú ý 4
Superb service
Girlfriend was extremely happy with the phone case the service was amazing and arrived very fast wold highly recommend you guys thanks!!!!
26th November 2014
Samsung note 3
Surrey, guildford
Keep your phone unscratched
Perfect cover for heavy falls và scratches + it works perfectly woth samsungs Qi wireless charging pad! Thank you!
17th November 2014
Samsung Galaxy chú ý 4
Love the S View Window
This is brilliant if you plan on getting the Qi wireless charging pad (I recommend that you do) & is still brilliant of you don"t. The S view is great for notifications & camera operation. The case is well made and does not địa chỉ too much bulk to the overall dimensions of the phone. You can still operate the volume keys with cover closed. Adds much needed protection to an expensive phone and looks good too.
17th November 2014
Samsung Galaxy note 4
Official Galaxy note 4 S View Wireless Charging Case
Love this case, looks fantastic, great fit & works really well. Have the trắng phone with the trắng case và just received the white charging pad. Service from smartphone Fun has been first class in sending me these items as soon as they took delivery as I had pre-ordered them. Would definitely use thiết bị di động Fun again.
Wayne Grant
8th November 2014
Samsung Galaxy note 4
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