After 2 long weeks of testing, at 10:00 a.m. On April 15, 2020 nghêu Kiem 3 chiều officially xuất hiện Beta without resetting the character, celebrating the launch day of NPH sending readers and gamers many attractive gifts, along with Code Ngo Earn valuable 3 chiều to make the player experience easier.

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Join Proud Sword 3D, players role-play into one of 4 character classes including Bow, Cam, Spear, Sword and each class has a special skill mix that transforms magic. You & Taimienphi, let’s learn how lớn receive and enter the new 3d Pride Code released this morning.


Instructions khổng lồ enter the Giftcode Ngon Kiem 3d in the game

Code Arrogant Sword 3D


How to get Code of Pride 3D

Event 1: Support Alpha Test– Reward: Code of Pride 3D+ Code of Arrogance 3 chiều contains divine beasts+ KNB for gamers+ The 10 players with the most comments receiving the most rewards get 1 Funcard– link to join: Event 1

Event 2: Spread the word Alpha Test– Reward: Code of Pride 3D+ Located at Ky Bich Hai bỏ ra Linh+ 5000 KNB– liên kết to join: Event 2

Event 3: Looking forward to Alpha thử nghiệm to receive a good Code with Admin Cam Mi– Reward: Code of Pride 3D– liên kết to join: Event 3


Regularly visit event pages, fanpage facebook forums or Groups of Pride 3 chiều to receive không tính tiền GiftCode gift codes, prepare all before entering the top races.

– Join fanpage here.– Join Group here

Instructions for using GiftCode Proud Sword 3D

Step 1: Log in to lớn your account using Code Ngoo Kiem 3 chiều here => click Redeem Code.

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Step 2: Choose a trò chơi Proud Sword 3 chiều => Game vps => FEMALEanimal character => enter Code Arrogant Sword 3D in the box below => Click Continue.

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Step 3: Immediately after entering Code Super God mobile successful, you log in the game và go to lớn Letters check rewards from NPH.

After many days of waiting, the trò chơi Chien Than 3 chiều was finally officially released today, to lớn celebrate the quảng cáo trên internet sending the set. Code of War God 3 chiều Free super value, readers get it here.

Link to download Arrogance 3D

If you are a lover of role-playing swordplay games, 3 chiều graphics with beautiful skill effects? download and install ngao Kiem 3 chiều to explore this extremely attractive open world.

=> link to tải về 3D Arrogance for iOS


=> links to download 3D Arrogance for Android



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Source link: Latest 3 chiều Pride Code – https://anhhungxadieu.vn/



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