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Grab the hotdemo exclusive sầu Christmas & Year End Sale code và promotion today! Sign up to our newsletter now và shop cheaper.

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Grab the hotchạy thử exclusive Christmas & Year End Sale code and promotion today! Sign up khổng lồ our newsletter now & shop cheaper.

Christmas & Year End Promotion & Discount Singapore

Santa Claus is coming lớn town ho ho ho...and so does all the gifts & 2020 planner that you need to buy ! We know that so many of you are so busy towards the end of the year và sometimes these trivial things such as what khổng lồ buy for your girlfriend"s mom for Christmas slipped out of your mind. But don"t worry because The New Paper is here to lớn make your shopping experience faster. Gone are the days when you have lớn go through each website to look for good deals, now you can find all the discounts và vouchers in one place.

Here"s the list of stores that participate on the upcoming Christmas và New Year Sale :


After a successful run during 11.11 and 12.12, Shopee is baông xã once again to lớn offer you the best Christmas & New Year discount and voucher. Find numerous promotions & sales that won"t break your bank when you buy all those gifts for your loved ones. Furthermore, enjoy additional discount by applying Shopee exclusive sầu promo code that will help you to save $10 OFF. Just go khổng lồ Shopee page khổng lồ discover all the amazing offers now !

How lớn Redeem Promo Code during Christmas & New Year Sale ?

Go to lớn your favourite stores" pages to find the promo code và offer If you have no idea where lớn start, cliông xã on the stores drop-down thực đơn at the top khổng lồ see all the stores available Clichồng on the "Get Code" orange button Copy the code and go to store Once you"re redirected khổng lồ the store page,simply add the items that you want inkhổng lồ the cart Don"t forget to apply the code before check out !

Voila, you"re done with the process và you can now enjoy the discount. Easy right ? If you find this instruction useful, don"t forget to lớn let your family and friend know so you can all cửa hàng và save together ! | | 68gamebai | new88 | game bài đổi thưởng | | C54 MOBI | j88