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s4 girlfriend (or boyfriend


nara on sing"s stream who moans all the time & thirsty virgins go full on thirsty mode on her everytime

I mean shes real. You obviously can hear her on stream its just that she present herself as someone else. Which is kinda weird and really cant find explanation.

i can find an explanation for a supposedly ugly girl (if even a girl, theres voice changers) to lớn go out of her way to lớn pretend khổng lồ be a good looking one so thousands of horny bullying virgins on the mạng internet wouldnt make fun of her. I guess you could just never show ur face and theyd never know!! but ye the prettier u are the more the virgins will lượt thích u aka the more attention ull getif its a male then there can be multiple reasons

I vì agree with your explanation. She dated that G pro player for year.. Dunno, this is kinda fucked up. I mean I dont care, but its really intriguing.

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Yes, there are, as you describe them, "thirsty virgins" who only watch her stream coz she"s a pretty girl. But what bothers me is that this could probably be known by sing and his friends lượt thích gorgc, sexybamboe, mewk, arise & rayn all of whom I enjoy watching & find funny. I can"t believe that they might have known her in person và still tư vấn this "meme" or "social experiment" or "scam", however you wanna put it.

What confuses me even further is that a professional Tea Eye winner dated her, which means they surely met & knew each other closely? They couldn"t possibly have dated each other only over the internet? I"m sure they are both plenty rich and could travel wherever in the world they want, so it"s not a tragic, long distance relationship.

There are, of course, so many other points lớn debate on, such as the ethical dilemma of making money through subscribers & donations via the stream from people who thought she was "someone else" regardless of how pathetic you might think it is. | | 68gamebai | new88 | game bài đổi thưởng | | C54 MOBI | j88