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Tencent Game’s wuxia MMORPG Moonlight Blade is coming Westward, someday. If you can"t wait you can play on the Chinese servers, but installing the non-English game can be a daunting task. In a previous guide I explained how khổng lồ make a QQ account, a requirement for all China-based games. Now that you should, hopefully, have your QQ tài khoản number saved you can proceed khổng lồ tải về and play the martial arts MMORPG.

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Edit: January 15, 2018:

Tencent has re-designed their game launcher and rebranded it as Wetrò chơi, so the guide below will be out of date. To install Moonlight Blade through the WeGame launcher, simply launch it, go to the second thực đơn at the top (shown below):


then on the search bar copy & paste this text và hit search: 天涯明月刀

Then select the one game that shows up (it"ll be Moonlight Blade). Once one the game page just click on the big xanh button shown below khổng lồ install the game:



(the instructions below are outdated, but kept for archival purposes)

1. Proceed lớn download Moonlight Blade, but not directly. We"re going to tải về TGPhường (stands for Tencent trò chơi Platform). It"s Tencent"s version of Steam và makes installing the game easy. Just clichồng the button with the down arrow and "TGP" to begin downloading. It will open a new page & ask you where you want khổng lồ save the installer.


2. You should have an inhỏ somewhere—I typically choose my desktop—that looks like this. Or, it will be in your downloads thư mục (C:/Users//Download) if you haven"t enabled "choose where to lớn save" in your browser.

Double cliông xã the installer.


3. You can choose where to install the platsize by clicking the gear in the bottom right corner, marked with the box. Then cliông xã the button lớn the right of the path to choose where you want lớn install it & clichồng the OK button. Cliông chồng the bottom right button lớn return khổng lồ the installer. And press the fat xanh icon in the middle khổng lồ begin installing.


4. The install is pretty quiông chồng, & you"ll see a few boxes pop up as TGP installs all its software. Once it"s done you"ll be prompted to lớn log in. This is where you need to enter your QQ number so I hope you have it saved. Press the fat xanh button to log in và you"ll be prompted to lớn solve a captthân phụ lớn proceed.


5. You"ve sầu made it to the TGP interface. So many icons. But we only need lớn worry about the sword on the middle-left, which takes us to the Moonlight Blade installation page.

6. Just press that big xanh button in the bottom right khổng lồ start the installation. You"ll be prompted lớn choose a directory, for both the tải về and then the installation. It"s a big tệp tin, make sure you have sầu over 60 gigs of không tính phí space. Once you"re mix press the center button, and get ready khổng lồ wait—browse in the meantime.

6.A Of course if you don"t have the ibé it"s easy enough khổng lồ add Moonlight Blade khổng lồ TGP. Make sure you cliông chồng the diamond-with-a-box-in-the-middle ibé near the top-left of TGPhường as shown in the image above. Then select the "MMORPG" box in the middle of TGP..

6.B Now we can see a whole bunch of games, all of Tencent"s offerings. Moonlight Blade should be in the fourth row from the top (barring any more games are added). You can use the screenshot above to lớn find the right one. Click that image.

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6.C You should be on the Moonlight Blade splash page. Just clichồng the fat blue button on the right side of your screen khổng lồ begin installing.

7. Baông xã khổng lồ business. ...Now you can take the time lớn teach your computer to read Chinese. Otherwise, when you enter the game it crashes. So we head khổng lồ Control Panel and find Language, ordinarily located under Cloông xã, Language, Region. Clichồng "Add a Language" & from the menu that’s drawn up pichồng Chinese (simplified).

8. Underneath your language tab you should now see both English and Chinese (simplified).

9. But we’re not done yet. Now we have khổng lồ head to lớn the Region tab. Clicking Region will pull up a window, but we’re only interested in the tab that says Administrative sầu. From the Administrative tab cliông chồng "Change System Locale" và change it from English (United States) khổng lồ Chinese (Simplified).

You will have to restart your computer after this step. But make sure you’re not still installing when you bởi. And in case you"re worried, changing the language khổng lồ Chinese will not change your desktop icons and panels lớn Chinese (simplified).

10. You finished installing? Great, now you get khổng lồ patch. Press that xanh button again & go baông xã to lớn browsing

11. Once you"re done patching, press that blue button again and... Congratulations, you"re ready to lớn play Moonlight Blade.

A few things lớn note. The TGP. installs some annoying, but evidently harmless, software: optimization shenanigans that you don"t need. When you exit the game they"ll continue khổng lồ run but you can shut them off from your Task Manager: just turn off anything that"s written in Chinese.


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