Slither io mods play with friends!

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Play now! Mods is one of the most critical parts of game. It will provide you the useful information lớn help players enjoy the game with many benefits. In Mods, you can search & gather the knowledge of mods easily. Currently, Mods has three items including the guide to play game with your friends, options of the new hack, along with the first Slither io mods script. They show you the simple way khổng lồ install, download the new thủ thuật and much more. All of them are easy khổng lồ follow. Just read carefully và you can complete everything in the short time. Indeed, Mods is not only the good address but also the necessary instruction so that you can enrich the knowledge of this awesome game. Hopefully, Mods can bring a lot of interesting news for you. Let’s catch up the lathử nghiệm updates! Thanks for your reading! Add Chrome Extension

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*Warning: Update lathử nghiệm version Chrome (Chrome version >= ver 50.0.0) khổng lồ use extension:

Click -> Help -> About Google Chrome

Version 2.2.4:

New dashboardUpdate 5 new skinsFix show control key helper only in game

Version 2.2.3:

Update 14 new skins

Version 2.0.9:

Version 2.0.2:

Autobots still working when you move other window (not tab).
* Mods on

How lớn Create/Join Party

How to create party

Create Party

Click button Create Party, then your buổi tiệc nhỏ code will be create.

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*Note: Just cliông xã Join Party to lớn play with friend. If you cliông xã button Play above or Play With IP, you will play with normal mode (Party code will be disabled).

After that, skết thúc your code khổng lồ your frikết thúc and clichồng button Join Party.

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Join Party

Paste tiệc nhỏ code into lớn text box.Cliông xã button Join Party.

* In-game features:

Zoom in & outCreate/Join party with friends. (update ver 2.1.2)Dashboard ver 2. (ver 2.0.1)Insert Custom Skin Kiwi (ver 1.3.6)Intelligent AutoBots (ver 1.3.4)Make your own Skins (ver 1.3.2)Custom SkinsShow your current locationKeep trachồng of the FPS with FPS counterFollow the IP. of friend’s server with your present oneJoin your friend’s IPSelect the normal background to fix the low-kết thúc systemReduce the flow to lớn help the low systemsGraphic mode for your selectionPlay the game with your buddies (connect to the servers straightly)All nicks and settings are savedSever selectionSnake Skin Rotator for turning off/on rotatorBackground changerRespawnReturn lớn the main menu when dieMod optionLive updateTurn on/off the HUDReset ZoomSpeed burst with key ShiftBrand new UI
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