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If you just got yourself a shiny new Galaxy S23, follow along this guide lớn root the phone with Magisk


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Samsung's Galaxy S23 family represents the best that the Korean OEM has to offer this year. For the first time, all three devices in the lineup feature a custom flagship processor from Qualcomm across the globe, alongside the usual great camera hardware and stunning displays. There's also been a growing number of S23 fans brewing within the developer community since it was launched, which is evident from the rather swift TWRP release. If you have purchased one of the phones and have yet to root it with Magisk, here's a tutorial lớn guide you through the process.

Whether you're new to lớn the world of aftermarket tinkering or a veteran root user, this in-depth guide will walk you through the entire process from start lớn finish và take care of all device-specific issues. After you've unlocked the bootloader and flashed a Magisk-patched boot image, you can start taking advantage of a wide variety of Magisk modules available on our forums. You can also utilize several powerful root apps và Xposed modules, which should give you all of the customization you would ever need without needing a custom ROM.

You need to have a bootloader-unlockable Galaxy S23 unit in order to root. The bootloader unlock process will completely wipe your Galaxy S23. Unlocking the bootloader will irreversibly trip Knox, disable a bunch of software features, and stop your device from receiving OTA updates.

How khổng lồ root the Samsung Galaxy S23 with Magisk

Many enthusiasts expected that achieving root access on the Galaxy S23 would be just as easy as rooting Samsung's older Galaxy devices, but that didn't turn out khổng lồ be the case. Due to the fact that the phones run android 13 out of the box, Samsung has khổng lồ follow Google guidelines for generic boot partitions, which means the ramdisk now resides under the "init_boot" partition instead of the plain old "boot" one. But luckily, the modding scene seems to be moving along just fine.

Although Magisk's current stable channel release doesn't work, XDA Recognized Contributor BlackMesa123 stepped in and submitted the required patch routines. As a result, you can now use the latest bleeding-edge build of Magisk to perform the necessary modification for rooting the Galaxy S23 series.

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Keep in mind that there is no known way khổng lồ unlock the bootloader of the North American (Canada and the USA) editions of the Galaxy S23. In spite of the unified hardware base, cross-flashing the unlockable bootloader from other regional variants khổng lồ the US (model numbers ending with 'U' và 'U1') or Canadian (model number ending with 'W') models isn't possible. Thus you can't root them using a Magisk-patched init_boot image.


Step 1 - Enable OEM unlocking

xuất hiện the Settings phầm mềm on your Galaxy S23. Navigate to About phone > Software information. Now tap on Build number section seven times to enable the developer options. Go back to the main page of the Settings app. Locate the new Developer options section and open it. Enable the toggle next lớn OEM unlocking.


Step 2 - Unlock the bootloader of your phone

For Galaxy devices, the bootloader unlock is a one-way trip. Even if you restore the stock OS & re-lock the bootloader, you will thua kém a plethora of Samsung Knox-related features. There is no way to lớn restore the Knox warranty bit other than by replacing the motherboard. Moreover, the regular OTA mechanism will cease working, so you have lớn flash subsequent software updates on your own. In a nutshell, only attempt to lớn perform the unlocking procedure if you know what you're doing.

Turn off the phone, press và hold both volume up & volume down buttons simultaneously, & connect the device lớn your PC/Mac using the USB cable. Release the buttons when you see the warning about custom OS appear. Press the volume up key once to lớn boot into download Mode. At this stage, you should see an option to unlock the bootloader. Now, press & hold the volume up button for a few seconds, và the bootloader unlocking wizard will begin. Use the volume up button khổng lồ confirm the unlocking process.

Once completed, your device will automatically boot up to lớn the OS.


Step 3 - Use Magisk to patch the init_boot image

Extract the firmware archive and copy the AP tar file to your device. The naming scheme should be AP_.tar.md5. tải về the latest bleeding-edge build of Magisk & install the game android on your phone. You can also use the testing version from BlackMesa123. It is possible to lớn perform the patching part on a different app android device as well.

Tap the Install button in the Magisk card. Choose Select và Patch a File in method and choose the AP tar package. After successfully patching the file, copy the patched file (named as magisk_patched_xxx.tar) from the Download thư mục of the phone to lớn your PC. Reboot your Galaxy S23 khổng lồ the download mode. Grab a copy of Odin from our Samsung flashing tutorial (refer lớn the first point) and xuất hiện it on your PC. Next, flash the magisk_patched_xxx.tar as AP, together with BL, CP, and CSC from the original firmware package. Don't choose the HOME_CSC module because a data wipe is necessary.

The target device should reboot automatically once Odin finished flashing. In case the phone asks you to lớn perform a factory reset, vì chưng so.

Provided you installed the Magisk tiện ích on the target S23 unit earlier, launch it once you reach the trang chủ screen. It should show a dialog asking for additional setup. Allow the ứng dụng to execute the additional routines & automatically reboot the device. If everything goes right, your device should be rooted.

For those of you who are reading this tutorial a few weeks or months down the road, take chú ý that support for init_boot image patching may be available on the stable channel of Magisk. If that's the case, just replace the bleeding edge build with the stable release.

(Bonus) Step 4 - Install subsequent software updates & keep root access

As mentioned earlier, once you have rooted your Samsung device, you can no longer upgrade your game android OS through OTA. To lớn upgrade your device’s OS, you have to lớn manually tải về the new firmware package và go through the same AP patching process written in the previous section. The only difference here is in the Odin flashing step: instead of the CSC tar, use the HOME_CSC tar file since we want lớn perform an nâng cấp without wiping the data.

It is worth mentioning that flashing only the AP slot isn't recommended, as Odin might alter the partition bản đồ and shrink your userdata partition. This is why you should always flash the patched AP, BL, CP, và HOME_CSC when upgrading.

Wondering what you should bởi vì after unlocking the bootloader & rooting your Samsung Galaxy S23? Join our forums for all the mods, custom kernels, và custom ROMs when they're available!

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