Boruto: 5 Ways Mitsuki Is Just like Orochimaru (& 5 He's Different) As a partial clone of Orochimaru, Mitsuki shares many of his traits, but there are differences between the two as well.

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Orochimaru Mitsuki In Boruto
Mitsuki is one of the main characters of Boruto: na-ru-to Next Generations. Born as a partial clone of one of the Legendary Sannin, Orochimaru, he has incredible talent as a shinobi & even greater potential. Mitsuki is creating his own path as a shinobi & has become a part of Konohagakure after leaving Orochimaru.

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Under the guidance of Konohamaru Sarutobi in Team 7, Mitsuki grown tremendously powerful as a Genin already, proving his skill just like his father once did. While similar in many aspects, the Mitsuki và Orochimaru have distinct characteristics, setting them apart from one another.

Mitsuki From Boruto
Orochimaru is a genius ninja who is often associated with snakes. Most of his jutsu include snakes, such as Striking Shadow Snakes or even his summoning jutsu. Just lượt thích him, Mitsuki is reliant on snakes in combat as well.

Mitsuki is known lớn be able khổng lồ produce snakes from his toàn thân at will & strike with them, paralyze others with their neurotoxins, or simply strangle opponents using their constriction powers. His fighting style resembles Orochimaru"s greatly.

Orochimaru is a sinister character with a very dark aura. He has been called twisted, and he enjoys terrifying people he meets. Just his presence gave Kakashi Hatake the chills during the Chunin Exams arc of Naruto. Unlike him, Mitsuki is quite an amicable, cooperative child who gives off a much brighter aura than Orochimaru"s dark presence.

Orochimaru taking care of Mitsuki
Orochimaru was known khổng lồ be a genius since he was barely 6 years old. As a thành viên of Team Hiruzen, he was the brightest talent of the three students, & the Third Hokage had high hopes for him. Mitsuki is quite lượt thích his parent when it comes to lớn skills as a shinobi as he"s the strongest of all his Team 7 members. His skills surpass those of a Jonin with ease, provided he"s using the powers of Sage Mode.

7 He"s Different: He Has High Chakra Levels

Mitsuki fights Deepa with Sage Mode
Being a scientific experiment means that Mitsuki was made to lớn be perfect, unlike Orochimaru. The Sannin, though incredibly powerful, had certain shortcomings, & chakra was one of them.

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Due to lớn his body"s condition, Orochimaru didn"t have enough chakra reserves to achieve Sage Mode, despite him knowing about the power. But Mitsuki is already powerful enough to enter this mode using Sage Transformation, all thanks lớn the superior chakra reserves he was created with.

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Although Orochimaru was born without any Kekkei Genkai, he gained access to several of them after Sasuke used Kabuto"s sample khổng lồ bring him back khổng lồ life in the Fourth Great ninja War. One of the most powerful abilities he gained was Jugo"s Kekkei Genkai, which allows one lớn passively absorb natural energy. Just like Orochimaru, Mitsuki is also able to lớn use this power, and thanks lớn it, he can achieve Sage Mode using the same method as Kabuto.

5 He"s Different: Mitsuki Is A Good User Of Medical Ninjutsu

Orochimaru has been shown khổng lồ be able to lớn use medical ninjutsu in the Naruto anime, but the manga doesn"t give any such indication. Whether Orochimaru can use this art or not is up for debate, but Mitsuki has a great hold over medical ninjutsu in both the Boruto anime & the manga. Although not his best asset, Mitsuki can heal regular injuries, and in Team 7, his skills with this art are just as good as Sarada"s, if not superior.

Mitsuki is the son of Orochimaru & was created using the snake Sannin as his genetic template. From their appearance lớn their high intelligence, every good ability that Orochimaru possesses is also present within Mitsuki.

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Just lượt thích his brother, Log, Mitsuki is simply another Orochimaru in some ways, but he still has his own personality & his path to travel in life, which is why he is currently in Konohagakure following Boruto Uzumaki to lớn see where life takes him.

3 He"s Different: He Loves thẻ Games

Although Mitsuki"s daily life hasn"t been focused on as much in the Boruto story, the character trivia from the series gives the fans a bit of insight into him. His hobbies are listed as reading databooks & playing thẻ games. While Orochimaru is someone who could read databooks, playing card games is something he certainly wouldn"t be interested in. Once again, Mitsuki proves that he"s his own person and not just a perfect clone of his father.

Mitsuki"s skill with ninjutsu is known to lớn be quite advanced in both the anime và the manga. He excels in the usage of Wind và Lightning Release, although it is likely that he knows more than just these two natures. When tapping into Sage Mode, Mitsuki"s skills are further enhanced, making him a threat to even the strongest of shinobi. Orochimaru is also a master when it comes lớn ninjutsu và has great control over all five nature transformations.

1 He"s Different: Mitsuki Is A Kind Person

Mitsuki is a very kind person who hardly ever harms people and is generally nice to lớn everyone. For the likes of his friends Boruto Uzumaki, Sarada Uchiha, và Konohamaru Sarutobi, he"ll go to any lengths, showing his loving nature.

Orochimaru doesn"t show this trait at all. Lớn him, most people are simply pawns to be used, and all that matters is whether he"s achieving his goals or not. Undoubtedly, there"s a stark difference between the two when it comes to kindness.

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