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Android TV boxes haven"t gotten much attention over the last two years. NVIDIA dominates this segment with the Shield TV, which not only plays 4K nội dung but also streams games with ease. But the Shield TV starts off at $190 & isn"t available globally. For a majority of users looking lớn pick up an affordable Android TV box, the mặc định option is Xiaomi"s Mi Box S.

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I used the first-gene Mi Box for just over a year, & it isn"t an exaggeration khổng lồ say that it was the worst Xiaomày sản phẩm I used. I often joked that I had Xiaomi"s worst hàng hóa connected khổng lồ its best — the Mi Laser Projector. The Mi Box would constantly freeze, and it got to a point where I had lớn reboot it every single time before I could stream any nội dung.

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So when Xiaomày released a newer version of the Mi Box, I was excited. The Mi Box S shares the same hardware as its predecessor, but it runs Oreo out of the box & comes with a voice remote that lets you launch your favorite TV shows và movies by issuing voice commands khổng lồ Google Assistant.

Considering the amount of issues I had with the Mi Box, I wanted lớn use the Mi Box S for a few months before writing a nhận xét. So with three solid months of usage under the belt, here"s what I think of Xiaomi"s lathử nghiệm Android TV box.

Xiaomày Mi Box S

You get what you pay for

The Mi Box S delivers a full-fledged Android TV experience on a budget. And while the device does a great job streaming 1080p nội dung, it struggles when it comes to lớn 4K. You vì get a decent remote, it has Google Assistant baked in, và Wi-Fi connectivity is rock-solid. As long as you"re okay with streaming 1080p nội dung, it"s a solid option at this price.

The Good

Great valueBrand-new remote controlStreams 1080p content without any issuesGoogle Assistant built-in

The Bad

4K streaming is laggyCast doesn"t work when box is off


The Mi Box S has a pretty basic design: it"s just a rectangular box made out of plastic with rounded edges. The reason for its boxy design is a larger heat sink that does a much better job dissipating heat away from the internal hardware. Round the bachồng you have sầu ports for power, audio-out, USB drive sầu, và HDXiaoMI 2.0a.

There"s no dedicated Ethernet port, but it has a newer Wi-Fi ac 2x2 MIMO module that does a much better job staying connected to your trang chính Wi-Fi network. I had a lot of issues with Wi-Fi connectivity on the Mi Box, but that just wasn"t the case on the Mi Box S — it had rock-solid connectivity throughout.

A full-fledged Android TV experience for less than the cost of a Chromecast Ultra.

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As for the hardware on offer, the Mi Box S is powered by an Amxúc tích S905X SoC that has four Cortex A53 cores clocked up to 2.0GHz. There"s 2GB of RAM & 8GB of internal storage, & if the specs look familiar, it"s because they haven"t changed from the Mi Box.

You vày get a new remote with dedicated buttons for Netflix and invoking Google Assistant. The Assistant integration allows you to quickly launch TV shows or play videos on YouTube by issuing voice commands. The interface itself is identical to lớn what you"d find on any Android TV device, & you get access to Play Store to tải về thousands of apps optimized for the TV.

I primarily used the Mi Box S with the 1080p Mi tia laze Projector. Although the Mi Box S shares the same hardware as its predecessor, I didn"t see any performance issues. A lot of that has to vị with the fact that the device runs Android 8.1 Oreo out of the box, which has numerous bug fixes baked in.

Furthermore, Xiaomày has done a much better job issuing updates to lớn the Mi Box S. I got two updates laden with bug fixes in the three months I used the device, & with Xiaongươi committing to rolling out constant updates, the Mi Box S will be assured khổng lồ get the lathử nghiệm Android TV builds as they become available.

The Mi Box S does a great job with 1080p content, but the hardware just isn"t designed lớn handle 4K.

That said, the entire experience falls apart when you try to lớn stream 4K nội dung. I hooked up the Mi Box S lớn Xiaomi"s 4K Mi TV Pro, và the interface immediately started lớn lag.

The internal hardware is to lớn blame here — it just doesn"t have sầu the grunt to lớn push 4K HDR nội dung. So if you"re looking for a sub-$100 streaming device for 4K content, you"re better off going with Roku or Amazon.

Another area where the Mi Box S falls short is casting videos from your phone. As it is an Android TV device, it works as a Cast target. The only downside is that the feature is only enabled when the box itself is switched on, which defeats the purpose altogether. My Sony Android TV shows up as a Cast target even when the screen is off, but I have to lớn manually turn on the Mi Box S before it shows up in the các mục.

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