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1925 was marked bythe appearance ofthe first black-and-Trắng TV. 25years later came the era ofcolor television, and inthe 90s there were LCDTVs. Each timeTV has been evolving và filled people with new emotions & experiences. Introduction tothe market ofMiTValso caused akind ofrevolution, because ithas many innovations that make your life more comfortable. Enjoy smart life!


CompatibilitySupport for different screensMStar 6A928Flagship chipSound chất lượng does not inferiorHIFI1billion dollars ofinvestments for rich contentContent ofmore than 440000 hoursMetal case design

Noneed tochange the screen

Easy optimization ofyour TV

According toMoore’s Law, each generation ofTV chipmix works x2times faster, orits cost isreduced byhalf, và after 18months, its performance isalso reduced byhalf. Tosolve this problem, wehave sầu created the main device for MiTV. Its subtlety lies inthe fact that for TVmodernization, there isnoneed tochange70% ofthe cost ofthe TVscreen. You will need topurchase inexpensive sầu modernized main unit & again, you will keep pace with innovative sầu progress ofTVs.

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Basis ofTV

Center ofsmart homes

Rich đầu vào interface, one HDXiaoMi MI, two USB, VGA, network interface, AV, portRF, cable TVconnection, game console, computer, set-top boxes, music player, DVD, máy tính xách tay, support for the network cable, flash drives. Acomplete set ofTVinterface, you will not have sầu any problems connecting different devices. Thus, one device acts asthe base oftheTV, set-top box, power amplifier, audio system. After ithas been connected, aregularTV turns inkhổng lồ aflagship Smart TV. Itsupports HDMIoutput, and the ability toconnect the projector, screen và even SONYVR. Make yourTV modern và smart!


Gaming deviceDVDLaptopProjectorScreenVR

Impressive sầu powerful features

Powerful and high-performing flagship chipset MStar6A928 4-core Cortex-A17 processor with afrequency of1.4GHz CPU and 4+4 cores processor Mali-760MP4GPU. Amazing power & speed, itisanother step towards the perfection.


Built-in independent sound system

HiFi sound quality

Inthe science ofacoustics ishighlighted so-called law of“The bigger the better”, the essence ofwhich isthat the bigger isthe sound channel, the better & easier issound extraction. Given the fact that the ultra-thin TVs are ingreat demvà, but their sound channel isbecoming smaller, resulting insound unique decrease, many brands ofTVs also offer aseparate independent Soundbar, the price ofwhich isoften exceed the cost ofthe TV. Soundbar for MiTVhas aHiFi sound unique, soyou can enjoy adistinctive sầu & expressive sầu sounding ofeach sound.


Volume ofthe audio channel is2lLow tones 60HzHigh Tones 22KHzDolby Audio

High tech

The inner and outer beauty

Metal casing, designed laconic style are allowing MiTVSoundbar tofeature inrooms with different designs. Itcan besaid with confidence— acompact arrangement ofall the major components, integrated circuits and printed circuit board— it’s lượt thích awork ofart.


Increased content for 83%

Upto440,000 hours ofvarious movies, including new films of2015

Hollywood movies, TVserials, popular TVshows, sport events, various concerts.


MIUITV Edition

Over 150mln users worldwide

Awide variety ofuseful và practical features. Updated interface, quiông chồng tìm kiếm ofthe desired movie; baby photo album— grandparents can view photos ofthe child, being far from him; when you are going tobed, your MiB& signals totheTV, after which itwill automatically switch off; demonstration ofcontents ofsmartphone, tablet, PCon your big screen TV; 4KFull HDCosmopolitung, browsing various fashion magazines onthe big screen; interfacing with MiSmart Home application, even more convenient search for films via router, control ofair cleaner, water purifier & other smart devices atyour trang chủ. Built-in MIUI Store with awide range ofdifferent applications, games, lots ofTVApps, the possibility tohave fun playing with the remote control orgamepad.


Updated interfaceBaby albumSwitching off via MiBandDemonstration ofcontents ofđiện thoại thông minh, tablet, etc.ontheTV screen

Aneven more convenient way toinstall— onthe wall

For amore convenient placement ofTV and main unit, và tosave space, werecommkết thúc that you install Soundbar near totelevision orhang itonthe wall. The only thing you need todoistopre-order special brackets.



Quiông xã work, flagship chip, high performance

MStar6A928TVis anadvanced chipset, which has a4-core CPU and 4+4 cores processor GPU. Easy playbaông xã ofFull HDvideo clip and unhindered large 3Dgames.

4K/ 60Hz4KchipsetH.265 10bitdecodingDolby + DTSdual audio decoding802.11ac2×2 double incomeUSB 3.0speed ofupto5GbpsHDXiaoMi MI 2.0HDCP 2.2

Unobstructed 3DGames

Not only supports PS, XBOX and other gaming devices, but also supports various remote controls và gamepads. Cooperation with several major gaming companies, asaresult itbecame possible toplay games onthe large MiTV. Rich content includes cosplays “World2”, “Dragon3D”, battle “Airplane wars”, “Power nguồn ofFire TVEdition”, “Devious dungeon”, “Total destruction”, aswell asclassic games “The King ofFighters97”, “SuMon smash”, “Lightning 2015” and many other very interesting và exciting games.



4Kvideo clip playbaông chồng speed to60frames per second

Full support for popular Clip formats

Support for H.265, H.264, H.263, MPEG4, REAL, ASF & other types ofcoding, aswell asRM, FLV, MOV, AVI, MKV, TS, MP4 and many other video formats. Easy playbachồng ofany video clip file.


Downloading tốc độ isless than asecond

Asaresult ofamajorTV optimization & energy saving instandby mode, you hardly need one second toswitch itonwith the remote control.


Three-channel high-speed RAM

Soundbar isequipped with 2GB DDR3RAM with athree-channel technology that, compared with conventional single-channel RAM, ismuch faster because the data transfer processor isimmediately divided inlớn three channels. Asaresult ofacceleration ofRAM, you can much easier và faster open applications, play games.


HDXiaoMI 2.0

USB 3.0/ HDMI2.0

Fast data transmission

USB3.0, HDMI2.0 are advanced data transmission technologies. You can playbachồng 4Kvideo from flash drives, removable hard drives orfrom anexternal device connected via the HDMIcable, and forget about the frame delay, while enjoying quality và hassle-miễn phí đoạn phim playbaông chồng.


802.11ac Wi-Fi Dual

2×2 double income, 3times faster

Support for two-antenna 2×2 double income giải pháp công nghệ, connection speed gets upto867Mbps, support ofWiFi Beamforming giải pháp công nghệ, ensuring stable speeds for long-distance data transmission.

BLE 4.1

Support ofadvanced Bluetooth4.1 low power consumption

Compared with Bluetooth4.0, Bluetooth4.1 connection tốc độ iseven higher, data transmission ismore reliable, the data transmission efficiency isimproved, và itisalso possible toreceive data with simultaneous connections ofmultiple devices.

Melodious sounds

Sound unique iscomparable tothe Hi-Fi

Wehave taken inlớn tài khoản and followed all the important aspects ofHi-Fi sound chất lượng. Asaresult ofour hard work, all high frequencies sound clear & loud, average— are more stable và low tones are even deeper. Now, every melody has become even greater và richer.


Rich volumeHi-Fi soundCrisp & clear high tonesDeep low tones

Reconstructed speaker

For amore enjoyable listening experience, weused acompletely new kiến thiết và tried tooptimize the size ofspeakers, their quantity & parameters, resulting inbass sound unique exceeding our expectations, high tone became more pure và ringing, due toacombination of20audio filters, amplitude-frequency characteristic has become broader, and the sound quality ismuch higher.


2.5-inchwoofers x420audio filterstweeters x2

Volume ofaudio channel isincreased by67%

According toquantity & kích thước ofaudio speakers, audio channel volume of2Lprovides volumetric và quality sounding.


Voiced high tones, sustained medium và deep low tonesHigh tones can exceed the capacity ofperception ofsounds byhuman ear, low tones are more flexible.

30/60HzLow Tones22KHzHigh Tones



Covering 500m2 ofspace

Maximum volume ofmore than 102dB©, volumetric & dynamic sound.

Test conditions: conference hall with anarea of20m2.

Hi-Fi sound

Electrical Distortion SurroundBASS boostGreat dialogue sound qualityAutomatic volume adjustment

Acoustic tuning byhighly qualified specialists


Luca Bignardi

4-time winner ofthe Grammy AwardsMusic producer ofworld-class and high-class sound

Wang FuYu

24years ofexperience inacoustic modelingMember ofthe International Audio Engineering Society (AES)Former director ofthe acoustic design và structuring ofthe Philips

The inner & outer beauty


Innovative sầu công nghệ ofSoundbar outer contours

Metal processing giải pháp công nghệ + anodized aluminum alloy



Easy touse


ButtonCH, switchingFM stationsButton PLAY, trachồng play button

Highly accurate allocation ofinternal components

Using asix-layered material, with anarea decreased byhalf. Inarange ofless than 0.3mét vuông was taken bythe core ofthe main unit, around which are located chip and other main units. All these fully resembles awork ofart.

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Individual MiPort (MiLine)

For connection ofthe main unit toTV screen

Feel không tính tiền tosay goodbye todozens ofdifferent cables, because now you only need one cable via which are going power supply, audio and Clip data.



Rich interface ports

Family Fun Center

HDMI x3, USB x2, card VGA, Network, AVinput đầu vào, RFTV, cableTV connection port and set-top box, port toconnect aPC, gaming devices, audio player, power cable, USB drive. Rich interface, connect any device and get alot offun from watching, listening và other entertainments.



+ 83%

Content update

upto440000 hours

10million dollars for the creation ofthe largest content, containing avariety ofvideos. Within afew months, the content ofvideo files has increased from 240,000 to440,000. Awide selection ofHollywood movies, many different TVprograms, more opportunities towatch online broadcasts & soon.


Xiaomày has licenses of4large websites

Absence ofanannual fee, even more ofcontent



Grossing films ofHollywood

Year năm ngoái, Xiaongươi will present the best Hollywood movies, sostay tuned


Films, earned billions ofdollars ininternational box office

Until 16ofOctober năm ngoái, Xiaomi’s website has 54films that have sầu earned billions ofdollars ininternational box office.



Live concerts, sports games and eSportsAsoftoday, Xiaomi has conducted alive sầu broadcast ofTan Weiwei concert, 2015 concert liveshow Zheng Jun, Super cup inItaly, R8LMS Cup năm ngoái, men’s basketball championship, the USmở cửa intennis và other activities.



Tocreate the largest content, Xiaomi iscooperating with HuaCe Film &TV, Huashi TV, Sun Shine TV, Hoirun TVand other large sites that contain alarge number ofdifferent films.


Tocreate alarge “library” ofvarious TVprograms, concerts, etc. Xiaomày isworking closely with Mango TV, Aiqiyi, Souhu, PPTV, BestTV, and many others.


Large anime nội dung, thanks tocooperation Xiaongươi with such websites asAiqiyi, Mango TV, Souhu, PPTV, Lekan TV, Xiaohuozi TVvà many others.



Large storage ofdocumentaries, thanks tocooperation Xiaomày with such websites asV.ifeng, CCTV, Aiqiyi, Souhu & many other websites.



Over 150mln users worldwide

Easy touse và powerful operating system for each MIUITVEdition, every month there are new functions & new features, tư vấn for MiSmart devices atyour trang chủ. Use yourTV not only for watching movies, but for avariety ofother entertainment.

Updated interface

For amore convenient & pleasant viewing

Previously, you could infinitely switch from one channel toanother intìm kiếm ofsomething interesting. Now, inMIUITV all programs can beclassified and enjoy anew, more convenient way tofind some channels orprograms ... .All itbecomes even easier & more convenient.


Your baby’s pholớn album

Ability toremotely watch asthe child grows

The older generation has always liked towatch kids, view photos ofgrandchildren, waiting for their next meeting. Now parents can add every day new photos oftheir children, which can then beviewed bygrandparents, being away from their grandchildren. TVcan also connect toXiaongươi cloud phokhổng lồ album totóm tắt pictures ofchildren with other relatives & cthua kém friends.


Remote voice control

Remote control has only 11buttons, ithas evolved toastage where itcan recognize your voice instructions. Lightly press button (home) and say the name ofthe film, actor’s name, genre ofthe film andTV will immediately find requested information for you. While watching TVseries, say toTV episode number, which you want towatch. You can even use voice commands toswitch offTV within 5minutes.


Turn your living room inlớn agym

Miremote control has 6embedded Bosch sensors, which clearly and quickly respond toevery movement ofthe player. Fully feel yourself like aparticipant ofthe gameplay.

(Voice Remote Control isnot included instandard set, itmust bepurchased separately)

Pairing With All Smart devices inyour smart home

Built-in TVSmart trang chủ App allows you toview movies stored onthe router, control và regulate operation ofthe air cleaner, water purifier & even check information onyour MiBvà.

MipurifierMirouterMiair cleanerMinguồn socketMiBandMiYicamera

Ifyou fell asleep, the bracelet will turn off the TV

Anew feature inthe Smart Home App allows tonolonger phối timers onTV. Once MiBand will find that you fell asleep, itimmediately gives aspecific TVsignal, after which itwill automatically switch off.

* Itisnecessary toupdate the lakiểm tra version ofMIUI


Pairing withYi camera

Remote monitoring ofchildren’s room

Ifyour child went tosleep during the day and you want tolook for hyên, but afraid towake himup, donot worry. Because ofMiYicamera, you can open asmall window ontheTV screen và watch children’s room infull screen.


Even more games, more entertainment

MIUITV Edition has providedus with aremote control, which can also beused for amore realistic and live sầu gameplay. But you can also use gamepad. Incooperation with dozens ofcompanies producing games, inthis year isexpected torelease alarge exclusive FPS shooter online game “Bullet Rush” và online fighting game “War Blade”.


Exclusive sầu home page App Store

Ifyou want totell your child afairytale, listen tomusic, practice yoga orgymnastics, MiTVApp Store will provide you with awide range ofdifferent applications tosuit every taste, & every member ofthe family will find something that itwill bemost interesting.


Wireless image projection ofthe smartphone, tablet, PCon theTV screen

While playing the game onyour phone, tablet orcomputer, watch all the action onthe big screen TV. Thanks toRRT wireless projection, you can easily view, reproduced onasmartphone ortablet, movies onthe TVscreen.

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Wide opportunities through interactiveTV with your smartphone

MIUITV Edition supports connectivity with smartphones, which are based onthe Android system & iSO. Browse photos onthe big screenTV.

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