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Xiaongươi Mi Bvà 1S - Specification

GeneralDesignDisplayCameraSystemInterfacesCellular networkMultimediaPowerFeaturesContentsHealth Details
RatingFunctionality2.8Sesors accuracy2.7
Operating systemProprietary OSSupport updates
DatesReleasenăm ngoái.11.07
ProductionManufacturerFoxconnCountry of productionChina

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Available colorsBodyStrap
MaterialsSensorAluminum; polycarbonate
ProtectionWater ResistantIP67Dust resistantP6XTemperature-20/70
TypeBacklightConstantly workingN/A
TouchscreenTouchscreenSupport slides
ContrastAuto-BrightnessManual brightness
Primary cameraN/A
SynchronizationAndroid4.3iOS7Blackberry10Windows8.1Mac OSWeb
Memory cardCard slot
ApplicationsThird-Party applicationsRequired apps androidXiaomày Mi Band 1S (Android)Required apps iosXiaomày Mi Bvà 1S (iOS)
IntegrationAdd friendShare resultsCompatible appsGoogle FitMyFitnessPalUP by Jawbone
ConnectionNFCFM RadioInfrared port
NavigationConnected GPSGPSGLONASSCompassNavigatorGPS time
TechnologiesGSMGPRSEDGE2G3G4GLTEHands không tính tiền modeHandset
SoundHeadphone input 3.5mmDictaphone
FeaturesPlay audioPhoto lớn viewerPlay videoJavaBrowser
Charger2hoursMagnetic chargerWireless charger5volt25mA
Battery lifeBattery life - waiting480hoursBattery life - tested15hoursAverage time240hours
NotificationsLightVibrationIncoming callIncoming messagecall ID displayApps
WatchDigital facesAnalog-digital facesAnalog face
TimeAlarmSilence alarmStopwatchTimerWorld timeSmart alarmReminderCalendarPhases of the monthWeather
ConrolButtonsFind my phoneAbility lớn turn offN/AOk GoogleVoice controlFind my devicePassbook
Remote controlCamera shoot controlHotline initializationRead SMSRead EmailIMMusic control
SecurityUnlochồng identity
ContentsManualsUSB cableChargerHeadphone модель
FitnessDynamic heart rateTraining modeReminder lớn moveGuided breathing sessionsCalorie consumptionDistance coveredActive sầu minutes
DiaryFood logWater logWeight logScan barcode
SportRuningWorkoutTreadmillWalkingWeight trainingCyclingSoccerCricketTennisVolleyballTable tennisField hockeyBaseballGolfAmerican footballBasketballBadmintonRugbyBoxIce HockeySwimming Snooker EllipticalSkipping ropeIce skatingBowlingSkiDancingYogaAerobicsPlankMountaineeringRoông chồng climbingJumpsVirtual exercise partnerSnowboarding

Xiaomi Mi Band 1s Overview

Xiaongươi Mi Bvà 1s is a fitness wristband that continues the Xiaongươi Mi Band range of similar products. Overall, this wristband is one of the most optimal fitness wristbands of its price category, but it is behind the Xiaongươi Mi Bvà 2 model due lớn the laông chồng of a display. It is distinguished by an excellent battery life (up lớn 30 days) và a smart alarm cloông chồng function.This wristb& can attract a buyer with its low price because it is really very difficult to lớn find a good alternative sầu for such a price. Nevertheless, this device has very limited set of functions & low accuracy of sensors. In this regard, we recommover considering purchasing such equivalences as Xiaongươi Mi Bvà 2 và Huawei Honor Bvà 3.
The updated version of the fitness tracker Xiaongươi Mi B& was launched on July 22, 2014. Xiaongươi Mi B& 1s differs from its predecessor Xiaomày Mi Bvà due to its ability to lớn measure the pulse with an optical sensor. As for the rest, Xiaomi Mi Bvà 1s is similar in its technical characteristics khổng lồ its predecessor and has not received any additional improvements.

Xiaomi Mi B& 1s functions

Regular pulse measurement;Calculation of the steps taken & the calories burned;Selecting the optimal time for waking with a smart alarm clochồng (the function was excluded at the firmware level);The ability lớn loông xã and unlock gadgets based on Android và connected khổng lồ the fitness wristband;Transfering of vibrational notifications of incoming calls and SMS messages from devices connected to the wristband;Sleep time và sleep phases automatic tracking.

Xiaomày Mi B& 1s thiết kế & construction

The fitness tracker Xiaongươi Mi Band 1s is a capsule made of plastic. On the front side of the device toàn thân you can see a row of three LEDs, and the baông chồng side is equipped with an optical sensor for pulse measurements. To wear the Xiaomày Mi B& 1s a rubber strap with adjustable length is used. It is known that the strap Xiaongươi Mi Bvà 1s is made of slightly thicker rubber than the straps of previous models.It is possible to phối goals for activity (the desired number of steps) in the Mi Fit application và khổng lồ traông xã the achievement of results by LED sensors. Just put the Xiaomi Mi B& 1s in front of the face & look at the number of sensors lighted up: the more sensors light up, the closer you have come to lớn achieving your goal.

Pros of Xiaomi Mi Bvà 1s

High màn chơi of dust & water resistance of the device (IP67);One of the most significant advantages of Xiaongươi Mi B& 1s is it is easy of use. This wristband is suitable even for those who know very little about gadgets;Xiaongươi Mi Bvà 1s is light enough (13.5g) which allows you khổng lồ wear it on your arm without any discomfort;Despite its small battery capađô thị, Xiaomày Mi B& 1s can withstand up to lớn 30 days without being recharged;Wide choice of straps colors designed for Xiaongươi Mi Bvà 1s;Minimadanh mục thiết kế.
Connecting Xiaomi Mi B& 1s to lớn other devices via công nghệ Bluetooth không dây is required only during the first usage. Further synchronization is possible without turning on công nghệ Bluetooth không dây on your phone / tablet;Equally good compatibility with both Apple Health and Google Fit.

Cons of Xiaomày Mi Band 1s

The set of functions of the wristb& is very limited, the device becomes almost useless without a mobile phone;Due khổng lồ the lack of display, the wristbvà cannot replace even a watch;Xiaongươi Mi Band 1s can guarantee the accuracy of the heart rate monitor only if a user does not move, its figures during physical exercises vì chưng not correspond to what they really are;The heart rate monitor sometimes makes very serious mistakes: during our measurements the maximum deviation reached 63 beats per minute (122 instead of 59);This device is not suitable for those who plan lớn determine the sleep unique và its phases because the device makes very rough measurements based on how you move sầu at night & not on the basis of the pulse biomarkers, as its equivalences do;Accelerometer measures small steps very inaccurately và distinguishes simple waves of hands poorly;The Xiaomi Mi Bvà 1s pedometer shows accurate results only during walking và running, not allowing you to lớn traông xã activity while cycling và strength training;Xiaomi Mi B& 1s does not transmit notifications from applications và does not allow you to lớn answer calls from the device;The signal of the wristb& search function works very quietly.
Despite the light weight of the device, its thickness is slightly larger than that of its predecessor Xiaomi Mi Bvà. This increases the risk of scratching the case & / or scratching other devices with the Xiaomày Mi Bvà 1s;The Xiaongươi Mi B& 1s case is made entirely of plastic which indicates that the device is not shock-resistant;Applications Xiaomày Mi Bvà 1s have sầu significant differences in functions of iOS và Android versions: iOS version allows you to use an exceptionally smart alarm clock và notifications of calls, while Android has additional functions of "smart" unlocking & notification of incoming messages using vibration;The Xiaomi Mi Band 1s strap can be stretched during long time of wearing và does not hold tightly the capsule of the device, which creates a risk of its falling out.

Errors và bugs of Xiaomi Mi Band 1s

The Xiaomi Mi Bvà 1s pedometer tends lớn exaggerate the distance covered;The Xiaongươi Mi Bvà 1s pedometer can show inaccurate results, counting steps during sleep;Possible errors in the Xiaongươi Mi Bvà 1s software, & inaccuracies in synchronization between Notify và Fitness for Mi B& and Mi Fit apps;Frequently there are problems of Xiaomày Mi B& 1s connection khổng lồ other devices even when there is full technical compatibility of the wristband & the device. In such cases you should use the Mi Band Tools program or return the fitness wristb& under warranty for replacement.

Recommendations for Xiaongươi Mi B& 1s

To improve sầu the measurement accuracy it is necessary to minimize the absence of a fitness tracker on the hand;Users recommend choosing an optimal màn chơi of tightening the device strap on the h& because when the device fits you skin too loosely or too tightly, the figures shown by the heart rate monitor may be inaccurate;It is recommended charging Xiaongươi Mi Band 1s through the USB port of other devices, since charging from the grid negatively affects the battery work;In order to prsự kiện the stretching of the wristband strap and to make it serve sầu longer, the capsule with the device Xiaomày Mi Bvà 1s should be pulled through the bottom of the strap;Sometimes there are defective sầu wristbands where charging does not work. Some mạng internet users recommover putting the capsule with Xiaomi Mi B& 1s in the freezer, but we recommover that you avoid such radical methods and return the device under warranty for its replacement;In order lớn get more accurate data on the heart rhythm, it is recommended lớn wear Xiaongươi Mi B& 1s on the left hvà.

đánh giá of Xiaomi Mi Band 1s

Sometimes Xiaongươi Mi B& 1s LED sensors can start working suddenly without a reason;Dust và waterproof rating IP67 of Xiaongươi Mi B& 1s perfectly copes with swimming and short-term immersion lớn a depth of 1 meter;White color of Xiaongươi Mi Bvà 1s LEDs is rather invisible & negatively affects their effectiveness;The light weight of Xiaongươi Mi Bvà 1s along with its long battery life make the wristband comfortable to lớn wear &, despite the inaccuracy of some figures, it gives a more complete picture of the day & activity schedule;Users find the Xiaomày Mi Band 1s application interface simple, but rather limited in its phối of functions, in comparison with similar applications for other fitness wristbands (Fitbit);Frequent usage of vibration reminders for SMS messages and calls reduces sensitivity to vibration & makes the notifications unnoticed.

List of applications for Xiaomi Mi B& 1s

It is recommended lớn use official software from Xiaomi when you use Xiaomày Mi B& 1s: Mi Fit và Notify & Fitness for Mi Band applications.Mi FitBesides Xiaongươi Mi B& 1s, Mi Fit is compatible with other Xiaomày gadgets (Smart Scale & Amazfit Watch). Mi Fit allows you khổng lồ store activity statistics, personalize the sleep mode & send notifications lớn the fitness wristb&. Mi Fit allows you lớn track weight changes graphs and warns the user about possible health risks. With the help of Mi Fit Xiaomày Mi Band 1s will inform you with vibration if you sit for too long without moving.

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Notify và Fitness for Mi BandNotify và Fitness for Mi Band gives an opportunity lớn mix up khổng lồ 8 vibro-alarms và khổng lồ monitor the heart rate và draw its graphs. The application informs about too low or too high heart rate; when the phone / tablet which the device is connected khổng lồ is not nearby, it activates the function of finding the device connected khổng lồ Xiaongươi Mi Band 1s and displays on the map the distance covered using GPS. In Notify và Fitness, you can also personalize notifications for each tương tác and bloông chồng unwanted notifications from applications.In addition lớn Xiaongươi applications, activity statistics can be synchronized with Apple Health và Google Fit.
18Xiaongươi Mi Band 20.42"7019.4năm nhâm thìn.06.07
32Huawei Honor B& 332×1280.91"100182017
140Fitbit Charge 21.5"36.82016
26iWOWNfit i6 Pro88×1280.73"58.218
36Amazfit Arc72×400.42"48020năm nhâm thìn.10.27
230Fitbit Ionic348×2501.42"962017
21Xiaomi Mi Band 3128×801.5"110202018
174Xiaongươi Amazfit Stratos320×3001.34"120702018
314Garmin vivoactive 3240×2401.2"168432017
185Garmin vivoactive HR205×1481.38"1502016

Official websitemi.commày.comhuawei.comfitbit.com DatesReleasenăm ngoái.11.072016.06.0720172016 ProductionManufacturerFoxconnFoxconnCountry of productionChinaChinaDesign BodyTotal weight15gram19.4gram18gram36.8gramBody weight14gram7gramDimensions13.6×37×9.9mm.15.7×40.3×10.5milimet.16.5×43×10.3milimet.225×129×2506mm. Available colorsBodyStrap MaterialsSensorAluminum; polycarbonatePlastic; aluminumPlasticStainless steel StrapMaterialSiliconeThermoplastic elastomerPolyurethaneElastomerReplaceableSizesS;L;XL PackagePackage weight95gram90gram104gram300gramDimensions96×31×96mm.10×3×10mm.100×40×160mm.112×53×200milimet. WearingWrist ProtectionWater ResistantIP67IP67WR50WR20Dust resistantP6XIP6XTemperature-20/70°C-20/70°C14/113°CDisplay TypeTypeOLEDPMOLEDOLEDBacklightDisplay colors1colors1colors1colors SizeSize0.42inches0.91inches1.5inches TouchscreenTouchscreen ResolutionResolution32×128px.Pixel density147ppi FeaturesShapeRectangleRectangleRectangleRectangle ContrastAuto-BrightnessPower BatteryTypeLi-polLi-polLi-polLithium PolymerCapacity41mAh70mAh100mAh Battery lifeBattery life - waiting480hours480hours720hours720hoursBattery life - tested15hours15hoursAverage time240hoursLow activity480hours480hours120hours ChargerCharging time2hours2hours1.5hours1-2hoursInput voltage5volt5volt5volt5voltInput current25mA45mASystem Operating systemOperating systemProprietary OSProprietary OSProprietary OSProprietary OSSupport updates SynchronizationAndroid4. OS10.6Web Memory cardROM1MbFlash16Mb RAMRAM size256Kb CPUModelARM Cortex-M4 ApplicationsRequired apps androidXiaongươi Mi B& 1S (Android)Xiaomi Mi B& 2 (Android)Fitbit Charge 2 (Android)Required apps iosXiaomi Mi Bvà 1S (iOS)Xiaomày Mi B& 2 (iOS)Fitbit Charge 2 (iOS)Features SecurityUnloông chồng identity TimeAlarmSilence alarmStopwatchSmart alarmCalendar WatchDigital faces210Analog-digital faces1 NotificationsLightVibrationIncoming callIncoming messageđiện thoại tư vấn ID displayApps ConrolButtons1112Rotate to lớn switchFind my deviceHealth FitnessDynamic heart rateTraining modeReminder khổng lồ moveGuided breathing sessionsCalorie consumptionDistance coveredActive minutes DiaryFood logWater logWeight logScan barcode SportRuningWorkoutTreadmillWalkingWeight trainingCyclingSwimming EllipticalApplications IntegrationAdd friendShare resultsCompatible apps33318Google FitMyFitnessPalUP.. by JawboneInterfaces NavigationConnected GPS BluetoothVersion4.04.0 LE4.24.0 LELEContents ContentsManualsUSB cableSensors Accelerometer2. analysis3. of heart rate monitorOpticalOpticalOpticalOpticalIndicator RatingFunctionality2. accuracy2.
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