Ok, my little bass-heads. Let’s get down & dirty with these bassy headphones until we feel our love handles vibrate. We’ll figure out which headphone suits your musical taste and desire for bass in this Sony MDR-XB950 Extra Bass vs Audio-Technica ATH-WS550 Solid Bass Review.

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Sony MDR-XB950 Extra Bass vs Audio-Technica ATH-WS550 Solid Bass Review


If you have big ears or you lượt thích a really roomy feel, go with the Audio-Technica Solid Bass. You’ll get wider inlets in the earpads and a generally more luxurious feel. That being said, the Sony Extra Bass provides better isolation from outside noise.



Audio-Technica says go big or go home. If you want lớn really bling out, these cans are the perfect fashion accessory. They come in white, black/red và gold. Sony is a little more subdued in its style, but I’ll let you decide which one works best with your outfit.


Both headphones seem equal in terms of durability. They’re both made from plastic và have metal yolks with ridges that help you get an accurate fit. They also come with flat cables, which should minimize tangles. Finally, both headphones come with a mic và remote. Neither headphones fold, but they both swivel flat.


With respect khổng lồ specs, Sony has a frequency range of 3 – 28,000 Hz, while the Audio-Technica offers 15 – 22,000 Hz. So, in theory, you’d expect lower lows và higher highs from the Sony. But specifications can be deceiving. So, let’s talk sound.

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Overall Impressions: Sony’s massive bass vs Audio-Technica’s clarity.Lows

Sony is not joking around when it says “extra bass.” You’ll get much deeper & thicker lows from the Sony MDR-XB950. It’s fun. But it’s also a bit muddy in this frequency range. & while the Audio-Technica tai nghe doesn’t thump your brains out lượt thích the Sony, it does offer a lot more clarity and separation between the lows và highs. So, if really want to lớn get the most out of Drake’s stunning vocals và heartbreaking poetry, go with the Audio-Technica.


If you lượt thích a really meaty sound, you’ll probably prefer the Sony cans. Audio-Technica still gives you a warm và full-bodied sound when listening khổng lồ rock, but if you value a cleaner profile, go with the Audio-Technica. Listening to lớn folk music, acoustic guitars came out crystal clear compared lớn the Sony. That being said, considering Sony’s choice in sound signature, it does a pretty good job with respect khổng lồ transparency in the middle frequencies. But it certainly doesn’t have the lightness or playful feel of the Audio-Technica.


They exist on the Audio-Technica.


Sony wins in this department. It has a wider & more multidimensional soundstage than the Audio-Technica & is more accurate in its placement of instruments


I love a big bass just as much as the next guy. But I think the engineers at Sony might have been a little high when designing their Extra Bass headphone. Listen, it’s a really really good time. So, if all you want is incredibly huge lows, the Sony Extra Bass is the way to lớn go. Và for some, the Audio-Technica Solid Bass might fall short of being bassy enough. But if you prefer a clearer sound & you listen khổng lồ all types of music, it’s probably a better idea khổng lồ buy the Audio-Technica cans. They look cool, sound decent and are a great bang for your buck.

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Sony MDR-XB950 Extra BassAudio-Technica ATH-WS550 Solid Bass
Driver40 milimet Dynamic53 mm Dynamic
Frequency Response3 – 28,000 Hz8 – 24,000 Hz
ImpedanceNot Specified38 Ohms
Sensitivity102 dB106 dB
Cable Length1.2 meters1.2 meters
Weight280 grams254 grams

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