A first look at taego, pubg's next 8x8 map


We explore each of the four maps PUBG điện thoại offers, including tips on where to lớn land for the best loot.

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PUBG điện thoại has established itself as one of the premier smartphone battle royale games over the last few years, bringing the full PUBG experience khổng lồ your phone since its launch in December 2017. It"s arguably been more influential over the last few years than its big sibling, & since 2017 we"ve seen a ton of new content hit the game, meaning new or lapsed players might need some help dropping back in. Và yes, we mean that quite literally.

This guide provides a brief breakdown of each of the game"s four battle royale maps, offering the best drop locations and a few other tips khổng lồ get your PUBG thiết bị di động experience going.

Miramar, PUBG Mobile"s desert destination.


Miramar is a barren maps set in the desert, meaning that there"s very little greenery around lớn protect from long-range weaponry. There are towns of course, Los Leones and Pecado among them, but outside of those towns the area is flat and empty. If you can loot a xạ thủ rifle or similar long-range weapon you"re going to have a good time, otherwise stick lớn buildings and only move when you"re out of the safe zone.

Three places to lớn think about when you first land are:

Water Treatment, located just north of the map"s center. It"s a small location, but it still holds a decent amount of loot lớn get you started. At most you"ll have two or three opponents landing here with you, not nearly as many as dropping as places lượt thích Los Leones, so early trò chơi skirmishes should be manageable. Also, being so close khổng lồ the center of the map, you can gauge how far you"ll have to lớn travel khổng lồ get into the first safe zone--if you"re not in it already--and plan accordingly.Directly southeast of El Azahar, which is located in the northeastern part of the map, are a few circular standalone buildings overlooking the town. There"s enough loot there khổng lồ get you going, and most players that land in this region will head straight into El Azahar so you might be able to lớn get some loot and get out before anyone sees you.The outer edges of Los Leones have enough loot that you can get yourself equipped pretty well before heading into the thành phố proper for some early firefights. Those who prefer lớn start slow should steer clear of this area all together, but if you"re the type that likes early kích hoạt we wouldn"t recommend diving into the city"s center. Instead work the fringes and see what you can find.

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Vikendi, the place khổng lồ go for some snowy skirmishes.


We"ve had barren desert and lush greens, now it"s time to lớn head lớn a frozen tundra. Vikendi is a snowy bản đồ that"s smaller than Erangel, but still holds plenty of locations và points of interest hiding good loot. The western part of the maps is a little more mở cửa than the rest if you need some space lớn operate, but otherwise be ready for some interesting skirmishes right from the get-go.

Three of the best places khổng lồ target when dropping are:

Lumber Yard, located on the southeastern coast, offers plenty of loot with very little cause for concern. Because Vikendi has so many cities on a smaller map, other players tend lớn go toward the towns & fight it out. Hitting the Lumber Yard first lets you stock up a little bit before trying to take hold in a nearby town like Cantra or Peshkova or the Cement Factory khổng lồ the northwest.Dino Park, which can be found in the southwestern portion of the map, offers similar perks to Lumber Yard but with one extra incentive: this one"s closer lớn the center of the map. Here you can load up on items, then wait for enemies to come by until the safe zone appears và tells you where you"re going next. If you have to lớn be in the safe zone, you can fortify your position & wait to get the jump on some unlucky passersby.Mount Kreznic, located at the center of the map, will definitely be a hotspot in the early going. Only land here if you"ve been playing the trò chơi for a while, because it"s a high-elevation area with plenty of loot, so it"s a perfect place khổng lồ start a match. If you think you can hold your own & be the last one standing, head to lớn Mount Kreznic and have fun.
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