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Some areas in the game have sầu specific map layouts that you can easily learn & follow.

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This is the most essential part of Diablo II speedrunning! Study these parts well.

Here is a danh sách of every currently known bản đồ layout.

Ex #05| Unfortunately, layouts are not always blaông chồng và Trắng. This is occasional, but it can happen.

The map layout does technically remain true, as seen with the green arrow.

Blue Arrow Indicates Character Orientation + Literally Following The Map Layout

Green Arrow Indicates Character Orientation + Generally Following The Map Layout

Yellow Arrow Indicates Following The Correct Way To The Exit

To execute correct maps layouts, you must understvà your character"s orienation to the map. Look at your character"s

point of view of what"s straight, left, or right. It is never north, east, west, south. The correct direction will be based on

(1) if it exists, the map layout -- (2) the direction your character is facing whenever starting to lớn explore the new area.

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Ex #01| The most straight forward map pattern. This is what we hope for every time!

Ex #02| If you find the WP before the exit, use that khổng lồ your advantage.

Ex #03| Stick with the left direction, let it guide you. It will eventually take you to the right way.

Ex #04| Another straight forward map pattern.

Let"s take the Underground Passage for example. To understand what is truly "straight" in context of the character"s direction, you must consider the map"s "first tile." Think of the maps as a bunch of lego pieces put together; you want lớn identify the first one. I"ve sầu done so in the screenshots below with the purple box.

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The first tile will always have one single exit, & it"s that direction that is your character"s straight. You"ll want lớn literally follow that direction as much as possible as seen in the above sầu screenshots. These are your winning bản đồ layouts!

But it cannot always be that blachồng và white. You"ll have to lớn generally follow that direction at times, which means using your discretion. As seen in the above sầu screenshots, you may have to lớn take a few turns before you can return following the correct direction again. In a worst case scenario, you may have lớn piông xã a direction that"s completely perpendicularto what you need.

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