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Bạn đang xem: Cần giúp lumia 520 mất boot !!

I recently got a Notê Lumia 520 và the only thing that does when it boots it prints "Unable khổng lồ find a boot-able option .Press any key lớn shut down."BUT it only boot when I plug it in a power source it does not power from the battery even if I leave sầu it on the source khổng lồ charge it does not chargeI"ve tried all the soft-hard remix It does not recognized by the computer "in device manager says : NOMIA BOOTMGR"It is propably theat something on the motherboard is broken DO anytoàn thân knows how to lớn run a diagnostic on the motherboard?Most likely its the EMMC(the memory of the smartphone) but how can I replace it ?

Get the recovery tool. Download / install it. Connect the phone.Only prob is if the battery doesnt work you may have sầu probs (it maybe dead)

Xem thêm: Ca Man Hinh Ca Nhac - Hồ Cá 3D Hình Nền Động

I changed 3 usb cables still no windows or nocơ flash or recovery software . I even tried to lớn use THOR2.0 from the commvà line with direct commands to lớn pass the RM-914 to the EMMC with Wlăng xê I"m getting THOR2.0 stopped working after a whileI"ve found a motherboard
replacement but will this fix my problem , will this EMMC at least be recognized by the Windows phone recoery
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