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I am from South Asia. I want to lớn play LOL with best ping but not at garemãng cầu because that server is not up to lớn the mark. The Korean server ping would be best option for me but it seems there is a need of verification.

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Can anyone help me about the information that how can I open an trương mục on that server?And is it legit to lớn do so? I mean opening an account outside of Korea.

Not from there (from NA)

For the legitimacy, I"ve sầu heard that a lot of Pros from CN & JP.. vày train on KR servers, so even if its not legit, its at least tolerated.

For the creation: It does seem like in most asian countries, you need some resident code or a KR phone number lớn register. As much as it must be against TOS, there must be services that will create you an trương mục on KR servers. Like I said in point 1, it"s must not be legit, but probably is tolerated.


I"m from SEA & have played on all major Asian regions up lớn diamond/challenger.

You can create multiple accounts with 1 korean SSN, so if you have any korean friends, they can create an trương mục for you.

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Otherwise, you can try befriending some koreans on discord / other forums using monetary gifts.

If you"re just there lớn chạy thử yourself, you can get a temporary trương mục from any of the "korean trương mục selling sites" that will likely get banned within a few months, enough time to squeeze a few hundred games in & get diamond+. You can find these sites easily via google. (A Chinese Kayn player managed khổng lồ get rank1 earlier this season with such an account)

Since you"re likely from Bangladesh, have sầu you considered Ionia instead? It should be closer khổng lồ you since it"s located in southern Đài Loan Trung Quốc. You can get access by creating a QQ trương mục and buying a VPN such as Xunyou.

You can also play on Garena TH or SG, both of which offers competitive games up to lớn ~plat+

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