Enjoy extreme versatility & mobility with the anhhungxadieu.vn Gram laptop - a powerful computer that weighs lighter than 2 cups of coffee.

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anhhungxadieu.vn Gram – Lightest Slimmest máy vi tính in India

Go Everywhere, vày Anything with anhhungxadieu.vn Gram. Enjoy extreme versatility & mobility with the anhhungxadieu.vn Gram máy vi tính - a powerful computer that weighs lighter than 2 cups of coffee. Get More Precision & Clarity on a Big Canvas.

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Features of anhhungxadieu.vn Gram

• Ultra-light Laptop

anhhungxadieu.vn gram is not only ultra-lightweight but also has an ultra-large screen, begins a new era for impressive ease of portability. There"s no need to give up portability for massive view, so you can take your máy tính xách tay anhhungxadieu.vn gram anywhere.

• IPS Display

The large screen laptop is not enough when it comes khổng lồ defining anhhungxadieu.vn gram. The IPS display delivers precise, clear imagery without any màu sắc distortion at any angle, & displays more information on a screen for increasing your productivity.

• + Screen & +view

Create your optimal workstation with the laptop anhhungxadieu.vn gram +view portable monitor and enjoy dual display screens.

• Long Battery Life

The battery life of lightweight laptops India is still very long even though providing appreciably improved performance. When fully charged an embedded battery, you will have up lớn 17* hours of battery life to keep working outside without worry of the recharging.

• hãng sản xuất intel CPU

• Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt™ port allows up to 5k display, data transfer with tốc độ up khổng lồ 40Gb/s bandwidth and charging connected device without a separate power nguồn cable all at the same time over a single cable.

• DTS: X Ultra

DTS:X Ultra is truly immersive 3 chiều audio rendering over Speakers and Headphones, provides the most believable surround experience. & its flexible UI allows you to lớn create custom interface.

• Backlit Keyboard

Thanks to the Backlit Keyboard of anhhungxadieu.vn gram, you can keep going your work in dark environments by touching the nguồn button. The keyboard brightness is easily adjusted for two levels.