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Cheol Lee

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Financial reportingEarnings managementDisclosureAudit quality


Financial accounting


Ph.D., The State University of thủ đô new york at Buffalo (SUNY at Buffalo)MS, The State University of new york at Buffalo (SUNY at Buffalo)BA, MBA, Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea


Full Professor, Department of Accounting, Mike Ilitch School of Business, August 2021 - present

Associate Professor, Department of Accounting, Mike Ilitch School of Business, August 2015 - June 2021

Assistant Professor, Department of Accounting, Mike Ilitch School of Business, Janauary 2008 - June 2015

Membership: American Accounting Association, Korean-American Accounting Professor Association (KAAPA)Present - KAAPA (2019 - 2021)Vice President - KAAPA (2017 - 2019)Editorial Board - Advances in AccountingAd-hoc reviewers - Journal of Accounting and Public Policy - Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance - Journal of Business Finance & Accounting - review of Accounting Studies - Journal of Business Ethics - Advances in Accounting - Journal of International Accounting Research - Journal of Business Research - đánh giá of Accounting & Finance - Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies 



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The Best Paper Award - 2018 Midwest Region Meeting (American Accounting Association)2013 Outstanding paper named in Review of Accounting và FinanceThe Institute for International Issues in Accounting (IIIA) - Canada.The 2009 PwC INQuires Program.
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