Tổng hợp launcher đẹp nhất cho android

There are so many android launchers to lớn choose from. Here"s our definitive guide to lớn the best launchers for every type of user.

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You can customize your apk phone the way you want. This flexibility in terms of customization can give your device a fresh look và offer you more control over different elements.

The best way to personalize an app android phone is through launchers. A launcher will not only change the look of your smartphone but also customize its behaviors. It can change the icons, page transitions, widgets, improve usability, & much more.

But with so many to choose from, which is the right one for you? Here's our guide to lớn the best android launchers for all types of user.

Best All-Round Launcher: Nova Launcher




Nova is a highly customizable launcher that uses minimal system resources due khổng lồ its smaller tiện ích size. It allows you lớn customize the trang chủ screen, phầm mềm drawer, folders, search, icons, và so much more.

You can even install various icon packs khổng lồ use with Nova. Here are some of the most beautiful icon packs available for Android.

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Nova supports dark mode, which you can schedule based on your current device settings or activate at a specific time of your choice. In addition, it lets you change the animations that appear when you mở cửa an app, và you can also change how your files and folders appear on the trang chủ screen.

The system font styles và sizes are customizable, và the app also has a backup feature that saves your custom settings for easy future setup.

Nova provides all the main features for free. However, there are some limitations in the miễn phí version, such as hiding apps, drawer groups, & gestures. You can upgrade lớn the prime version from the Play Store to get the advanced features.


Niagara is a minimalist launcher that focuses on accessibility. It has a different interface compared to lớn traditional app android launchers. Its look is clean & shows only your favorite apps on the home screen.

The launcher is ideal for enabling you to use your phone one-handed. Through its sidebar, you can access every app easily using one hand, as each ứng dụng is accessible with your thumb.

Niagara is designed in a way that boosts accessibility. For example, it changes how your notifications appear. You don't need to lớn expand the notification bar khổng lồ view your notifications because they simply appear as a pop-up on the screen.

Niagara is miễn phí for all its basic features. To get advanced features such as custom widgets & pop-up widgets, you need to purchase the pro version of the app.

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