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The favorite Acer Aspire One brand launches yet another netbook: the Aspire One 752. This one is equipped with an hãng intel Celeron M processor under the hood and is expected to lớn deliver more performance than the weaker Atom-based devices. Lớn find out whether this Acer netbook delivers on all its promises, và to see if netbooks are indeed necessary after the launch of a device lượt thích the táo khuyết iPad, read the following in-depth review.

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Acer Aspire One 752 Netbook

Netbooks have been a topic of constant debate in recent times. We have written on and on about these small machines with compact cases, respectively small displays, long battery life, and low prices. Such tiny PCs are considered mobile demi-gods which allow users easy mạng internet access on the go và use of office programs for affordable prices.

However, there are enough reasons against the purchase of such netbooks: sellers are just out for profit, the customers are dissatisfied with the performance of the devices, and for the same price the buyer can buy a bigger device with a higher performance.

As the ipad tablet has been recently released (at least in the USA), we have khổng lồ take another look at these so-called netbooks and find out if they are really necessary.

I wrote my last article for a while ago & it was about Macbooks, equipped with chip core 2 Duos and SSDs which helps increase the performance of the programs. In contrast to that article, this time I am writing about "basic computing" instead of the high-end performance delivered by a Macbook. Basically: Netbook.

The Acer Aspire One 752 uses a case with aluminium covering. Unfortunately, the laptop cover has a red, glossy lacquer, which is in accordance to the current trend, but is a big problem for those users who do not like to see smudges & fingerprints all over their netbooks. Thankfully, Acer chose a plastic surface with aluminium bordering for the rest of the case. The customer can choose from black, trắng or (as in the case of our chạy thử model) red for the colour of the netbook.

The feel và the workmanship of the test model is definitely all right for a sản phẩm of this category. The hinges are sturdy yet give way slightly on bumpy rides (train travels). The dipslay can not be completely closed due to the lack of a locking mechanism, và is thus fallible to opening up during commute. The maximum angle the display can be opened to is 135 degrees.

Both the thin front & the back of the Acer Aspire One 752 remain không tính phí of ports. One can find the vga port, the power outlet, a HDMI port, as well as an USB 2.0 port can be found on the left side of the netbook. Whereas on the right side, there is a Gbit LAN port, a "Kensington Lock", microphone và headphone outlets, a cardreader(SD/MMC/MS/MS Pro/xD) và two additional USB 2.0 ports. So basically, the netbook offers very typical ports for a netbook except for the chất lượng HDMI interface.

A WLAN and bluetooth switch can be found on the front side of the device. The current state (on/off) of the integrated modules can be found with a glance at the status LEDs. There are four such LEDs in total: two for the integrated modules, one for the state of the máy tính xách tay and one for the nguồn supply. The odd thing was that although our test model did not have a công nghệ bluetooth không dây module in it we still received the useless status LED và the switch which is intended for the control of the integrated hardware module. Another hardware, which is available, but not installed in our thử nghiệm model, is the integrated "Quadband UMTS" modem from Huawei. It is important to lớn point out that Acer only uses the cheap WLAN modules from the 1000 series which bởi vì not have 5 Ghz support. So there might be a compatibility probelm with a few N-WLANs.

On the bottom of the device, there are two slidebars which hold the removable 6-cell battery in place. The hard disk and the RAM can be accessed easily after removing 2-4 screws.

Front side: công nghệ bluetooth switch, WLAN switch
Left side: card đồ họa output, AC output, HDMI port, USB 2.0 port
Right side: Card-Reader, Audio outlets, 2x USB 2.0 ports, Kensington lock, LAN port

The software delivered pre-installed on the netbook are the Acer Tools và the Acer GameZone, which has lots of mini-games but no full versions. As usual, the pre-installed mạng internet Explorer is packed with bloatware và thus makes the whole system run very slowly when it is being used.

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The keyboard of the Acer Aspire One 752 seems good at first glance but closer inspection would be recommended. The generously-sized keys and the good layout make a good first impression. The pressure point of the keys is confusing và the whole keyboard can be pressed inwards by a half centimeter. The unfortunate design of the "backspace" key is much worse though. The key only reacts lớn heavy pressure right on the middle of the key, & most users, who use the 10-key typing system, hit the backspace key on the left side end, their input đầu vào will not be recognised. A short "operation" on the key revealed what lay underneath. Although the backspace key is about twice as big as a typical key, the interface underneath the key is a small button in the middle which means that hitting the backspace key on the left or right end will not induce enough pressure to lớn give the proper input. This problem is not evident in the other big keys such as "Space", "Shift", etc. In the end, this could just be a defect in our model.


The touchpad of the Acer Aspire One is very nice. After minor adjustments in the system settings of the touchpad, it could be used very easily. The comfortable surface, multi-touch gestures, & the "borderless" thiết kế are good enough to lớn leave the mouse at home, even if it does not offer the same comfort level the glass touchpad of the macbook or the rubber "nubble" of the Thinkpad. The only faults of the touchpad are the tiny surface (which could not be increased due to lớn the kích cỡ of the netbook), the seemingly low-quality keys with odd pressure points and a strange feel lớn them.

The touchpad fits right into the thiết kế of the netbook. However, the lack of bordering means that the user can not clearly discern where the touch-sensitive area of the touchpad starts.



The 11.6 inch display (16:9 screen ration & 1,366 x 768 pixels resolution) of the Acer Aspire One 752 is mediocre at best. The brightness of the screen is good enough khổng lồ overcome the distracting reflections on it during indoors use. The card vga webcam (0.3 megapixels) on the đứng đầu of the display delivers decent unique pictures for software such as Skype & co.

Distribution of brightness
Maximum: 190cd/m² (Nits) Average: 176cd/m²Brightness Distribution:83 %Center on Battery: 188cd/m²Contrast: 174:1 (Black: 1.08cd/m²)

This impression is confirmed by the measured values: thanks to the LED backlight the display has balanced illumination, but this balance gets disturbed when the brightness is maximized. The 200 cd/m2 brightness level promised by Acer is not quite reached by the display and the minimum brightness cấp độ is a very dark 12.5 cd/m2. The relatively high black value results in a contrast of 174:1 which is not especially good.

The measured values confirm that the panel used in the Acer Aspire One 752 is the same as the one used in its predecessor, the 751.


The use of the Acer Aspire One 752 outdoors in direct sunlight is not recommended as the reflections of the display & the rather low brightness levels hinder a clear legibility of the characters shown on screen.

The viewing angle stability of the panel of the Aspire One 752 is typical to lớn netbooks. For example, the screen has a hard time dealing with rapid vertical adjustments. This problem is expressed by the pale (from above) và inverted (from bottom) colors displayed during these adjustments. The horizontal stability is decent & only shows màu sắc changes later.

The Acer Aspire One can be ranked in the top segment of netbooks when it comes to performance due to its1,3 Ghz Celeron M 743 processor. The Celeron 743 has a TDP value of only 10 W, & although it is a single vi xử lý core processor, it is still a lot faster than its Atom competition. The processor commands over a generously-sized 250 GB HDD & 2 GB of DDR2 RAM which delivers decent performance when using classic netbook programs such as Office, Web, etc. The integrated hãng intel graphics (GMA 4500 HD) was not able to play The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody on Youtube 720p properly. When we installed the current Flash 10 beta version, the playback improved but we could still not reach a fluid state.

Offline HD videos ran much better on the Aspire One. The CPU managed to lớn decode videos up to720p (for example, MOV Datei in 720p). Lớn play Full HD videos, the system needs the help of its integrated GMA 4500MHD graphics chip. For example, this chip is used by Windows truyền thông media Player in Windows 7. In our test, we could play Big Buck Bunny, coded in h.264, in 1080p fluidly with about 20-40% CPU usage. However, VC-1 videos were a bit too much for the GMA 4500MHD to handle & so they ran somewhat hesitantly with CPU usage at 90-100% (Elephant"s Dream 1080p in the test). WMV 1080p videos (such as: The Magic of Flight) ran fluidly with about 60% CPU usage. Even the integrated HDMI port delivered Full HD videos fluidly on a connected LG TV (with audio). In comparison to the typical Atom + HD3150 netbooks, the CULV hardware in this netbook can really score. However, ION-based netbooks are much stronger.

The real potential of the Celeron M processor was shown when we started the Office programs such as Word und Excel. There were absolutely no problems, và the programs ran at about the same tốc độ as they would run on a much faster core 2 Duo system. Still: we vị not recommend opening and using multiple programs simultaneously. For example, if the user runs the vi khuẩn Scanner, he/she has to lớn wait till it finishes before starting another program. | | 68gamebai | new88 | game bài đổi thưởng | | C54 MOBI | j88