Darius 1 belongs lớn the group of drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, Drugs for patients with myocardial infarction, venous thrombosis, venous disorders,... What should be noted when using Darius 1 lớn avoid side effects? Unwanted side effects?

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Darius 1 is a supportive medicine for cardiovascular patients. The main function of the drug is khổng lồ prevent thromboembolism, myocardial infarction, & limit the risk of complications và recurrence after treatment. The mechanism of action of the drug darius 1 is to lớn inhibit vi-ta-min K resistance factors, blood clotting & prevent blood clot formation. Darius 1 is made in the size of tablets with the main ingredient Acenocoumarol 1mg, boxed in 3 blisters x 10 tablets. Store Darius 1 in a dry, clean place, the temperature is below 30, avoid direct sunlight.
In fact, the use of Darius 1 is not well understood by all patients. In which, the component Acenocoumarol is indicated for patients with myocardial infarction with the following effects: For cardiovascular disease: Prevention of thromboembolic complications, prosthetic valve disease, mitral valve For infarction Myocardial bleeding: Prevention of thromboembolic complications on the heart wall, left ventricular dysrhythmias causing embolism, left ventricular dysfunction,... Darius 1 drug treats pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, prevents the risk of risk of recurrence In addition, Darius 1 prevents the risk of thrombosis in the catheter. Contraindications In addition to the effects mentioned above, Darius 1 is contraindicated for the following patients: People who are hypersensitive to any ingredient of the drug vị not use Darius 1 for patients preparing khổng lồ conduct surgery, have just had surgery, or are about to have surgery again. Vì chưng not use Darius 1 for patients at high risk of bleeding, people with cerebrovascular accident bởi vì not use Darius 1 for patients with esophageal varices, impaired kidney function, people with stomach ulcers – duodenum.
Each drug has a different use & dose, Darius 1 is no exception. Using the correct dose, the drug Darius 1 maximizes effectiveness. 3.1. How to take Darius 1 by mouth with plenty of water. Absolutely bởi not take medicine with tea, carbonated soft drinks, alcohol, beer, coffee, ... Because it loses the effect of the drug. 3.2. Dosage Different patients have different dosages of the drug. For adults: the first 2 days, 4mg per day, taken in the evening. The next day, depending on the severity of the disease, take from 1mg lớn 8mg per day. For the elderly: The maintenance dose is only 1⁄2 of the adult dose. For children: bởi not use Darius 1 for children, keep out of reach of small children. Note: During the use of Darius 1, if you have any unusual symptoms, please tương tác a specialist doctor or specialist pharmacist for timely handling.

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In addition to the dose and use of Darius 1 above, during the use of the drug, patients may experience the following side effects: Most common side effects: Some parts of the body toàn thân bleed such as foci. Abdomen, viscera, central nervous system, extremities, eyeballs,... Less common side effects: joint pain. Rare side effects: Hair loss, allergic skin rash, skin necrosis.
During the use of Darius 1, do not combine with Aspirin (high dose above 3g/day or low dose less than 3g/day), because it reduces the effect of the drug. Vì chưng not combine Darius 1 with pyrazole non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Bởi not use Darius 1 with miconazole, phenylbutazone, Chloramphenicol or Diflunisal. Caution when combining Darius 1 with androgens, antidepressants, benzbromarone, bosentan, amiodarone, Allopurinol,...
In case of using Darius 1 drug overdose, quickly take the patient khổng lồ the nearest medical facility for timely emergency support. Common symptoms of an overdose of Darius 1: Bleeding lasting 1-5 days after taking the drug, gastrointestinal bleeding, nose bleeding, vaginal bleeding, bleeding under the skin, bleeding gums , uterine bleeding, joint bleeding, hematuria, hemoptysis. Other symptoms: Low blood pressure, tachycardia, nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain,.. Treatment: Gastro-intestinal lavage, oral cholestyramine to tư vấn faster drug elimination. Note: The application of Darius 1 overdose treatment method should be balanced with the risk of bleeding in each patient.
The use of Darius 1 is recognized by all patients. However, during use, people need khổng lồ understand the following notes in order for the drug to lớn be most effective. 7.1. General chú ý In case the patient has poor cognitive ability, to avoid the risk of taking the wrong medicine, a family member or helper must be present to lớn prepare the dose every day. For the elderly, the elderly are still lucid, carefully guide them to lớn comply with the exact dosage, use, & duration of the drug. Emphasize that the patient must take the medicine every day at the same time. Periodic INR check-ups at the same prestigious medical address If the patient has surgical intervention, on a case-by-case basis for treatment. Adjust accordingly. If the patient is at risk of thrombosis or bleeding after surgery, temporarily discontinue anticoagulants. For patients with liver failure, kidney failure, hypoproteinaemia,... It is necessary khổng lồ closely monitor and adjust the appropriate dose. In the first months of using Darius 1, the possibility of bleeding complications is easy, especially patients who have just been discharged home, need to be closely monitored. 7.2. Note to pregnant và lactating women Absolutely vày not use Darius 1 for pregnant & lactating women. According to lớn statistics, 4% of cases of fetal malformations are caused by the mother taking drugs while pregnant. The content of the article has answered the use of Darius 1 drug, side effects, how khổng lồ handle when overdose. Help patients understand accurate information lớn use drugs safely and effectively.

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