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We develop convenient& reliable solutions basedon advanced technologyand world leading scientificexpertise

The system was initiallydeveloped for detectionof rare essentially non-volatile & stickyatmospheric molecules


With an increasing flow of people, luggageand cargo conventional screening methods attimes fail khổng lồ be sufficient. In terms of transportoverwhelming pressure on security systemsand passengers. Our goal is to lớn providesolutions that are capable of high-resolutionscreening at the same time fast andconvenient for security operators và theircustomers.

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Criminal và terrorist organizations exploitinglogistic networks is a serious threat to oursociety and the economy. We are able toprovide solutions for screening parcels andcargo in a new way, delivering high màn chơi ofsecurity without slowing down the exchangeof goods. primarily develops state-of-the-artinstrumentation for molecular detection ofexplosives. However, we believe sầu that oursolutions can enable retìm kiếm whereverultra-sensitive và versatile moleculardetection is needed. We are ready to lớn offersolutions from complete systems to lớn integralparts and accessories.

We offer user-oriented solutionsvà targeted approach to challengesin explosives detection and stateof the art research

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