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Basically, it"s good but it could have sầu been great. I have no knowledge on the manga it"s based off, so I"ll solely judge on the drama (the review of the special will eventually go to the special"s thread). The first thing that you need khổng lồ know is that there"s plenty of action in this, I"d say it"s a cross between a tokusatsu & a school drama, going more towards the "drama" side but keeping the action svào. So, if tokusatsus are definitely not your thing, I don"t think I"d recommend it for you. If you don"t mind the action, read on. The school drama plot is basically the same you"ve sầu seen a thous& times: school of delinquents, worst class of all, teacher comes in with goodness in his heart to change the hearts of the students and show them the path of light. The twist is that this teacher is secretly a masked vigilante who has government authority lớn inflict unrestricted violence on students as he deems necessary. Yes, you read that right. Araki Gota, performed by Fujigaya Taisuke, is a sort of Kenshin Himura-ish character, who is trying lớn change his methods and use actual education (!) & understanding to get lớn the bottom of his student"s problems and let them change by themselves & not through violence and fear. The whole dynamic between violence and understanding is the heart of the drama, and it"s well represented. I didn"t expect a drama with a masked guy on a motorcycle punching people khổng lồ have sầu such deep & turbulent emotional developments, but it does. Still, the episodes are too short to dig as deep in the characters as I would have sầu liked. There"s an individual exploration of the characters to some extent, but there"s not enough time for us lớn get as involved in the story lines as I feel the story had the potential lớn show. But, if you like school dramas of teachers who change students" hearts, action sequences in every episode, Saikhổng lồ Takumi in a suit staring at folders and Fujigaya Taisuke wearing leather và giving heartwarming speeches, watch this. All jokes aside, it"s pretty entertaining & unexpectedly emotional at times. Oh, and you"d probably over up loving Tsukadomain authority Ryoichi"s segments, even if initially you don"t know what they"re even for.

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