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How to: use Instagram under Windows 10 điện thoại

Published by Steve Litchfield at 5:17 UTC, April 16th 2018

Last coveredhere in Autumn 2017, Instagram"s official UWP application has effectively been pulled in the last day or so, thanks lớn the new version being compiled for Redstone 3 và above (i.e. For PC/x86), meaning that the "feature2" branch that Windows 10 mobile maxed out on doesn"t qualify. However, all is not lost và Edge handily comes lớn the rescue if you still want lớn access Instagram on your Lumia or similar.

This is, of course, the theme of 2018 from Windows 10 Mobile"s point of view - letting Edge take the strain. But it"s completely justified - Instagram, lượt thích many other internet services these days, is so hugely based on HTML5 content that there"s almost no difference between Instagram in a dedicated application và Instagram accessed via a modern website browser.

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But a little background - Instagram has had a first các buổi party UWP application for years, with multiple updates, so there"s clearly development work going on. However, the next stage of this development involved compiling against the latest Redstone 3 SDK, meaning that the very latest version won"t work under Windows 10 Mobile. Instagram UWP is back in the Store, presumably by popular demand after its removal, though the issue immediately below still needs attending to.

Unfortunately, while most developers leave the "old" version in the Store for W10M, Instagram has chosen khổng lồ withdraw it altogether. Some detective work by yours truly has revealed that this is largely because the UWP application, as it was, has a permissions issue with Windows 10 smartphone - the UI never gets past a "Enable microphone access" permissions screen. It"s not clear whether this is suddenly an issue because of a change in recent Windows 10 sản phẩm điện thoại builds or because an API has changed at Instagram"s end, and it can easily be worked around in Settings/Privacy/Microphone, enabling microphone access manually, but regardless, Instagram decided khổng lồ pull the tiện ích completely rather than confuse users.


Trying khổng lồ use the original Instagram UWP tiện ích today results in a halt here and tapping the "Enable" link does nothing. Happily, should you actually have Instagram UWP still installed, you can fix this in Settings, as shown above, right.

Which is fair enough - these things happen, though it does also mean that anyone without the Instagram UWP tiện ích installed can"t now go to lớn the Store to tải về it, not even with a direct URL, not even by using a download control in "My library" in the Store. It"s simply not available.

In case the Instagram UWP app should become unavailable again in the future (likely) then the rest of this original article will help!


Instagram works pretty well in Edge though, as shown here, with the interface essentially identical lớn what you"d see in the now "old" UWP app.

However, as already hinted, Instagram"s interface is 99% HTML5 & identical to what"s presented in the UWP tiện ích (you bởi vì lose Instagram Direct messaging & a bunch of local app settings), which means that for most casual Instagam use you really, truly don"t need this as a separate application at all.

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At its simplest, just go to in Edge and sign in as usual. Then địa chỉ cửa hàng it as a "favourite". As a slight refinement, you can "pin" the favourite to lớn your Start screen, giving an easy way in.


Here"s the PAWA utility creating a new Start screen tile for the Instagram HTML5 site, and (right) the packaged site in kích hoạt - no browser bar, just the full screen interface.

Or, as a refinement to lớn the refinement (ahem), you can use the well respected PAWA utility to pin a packaged version of the Instagram site/experience khổng lồ the Start screen, one that runs with the usual Edge credentials but which doesn"t show a URL bar and browser furniture.

The only real caveat with using Instagram (or any other browser-based solution) in this way is that you have lớn be a little careful with having multiple instances. So, for example, if you"ve already been using Instagram then there"s a great chance it"s still in RAM in Edge or a packaged version thereof. So you can just press & hold the back control lớn bring up the usual multi-tasking carousel, to pick the PAWA or Edge instance (and the right tab if the latter). Easy enough when you get used khổng lồ it and not the end of the world if you vì chưng end up with multiple Instagram instances or tabs.


And, for a change, as per the PS. Below, here"s "6tag" in action (left), here in the optional dark theme. 6tag still works, though you have to lớn wonder about performance when further APIs change at Instagram"s end; (right) on the bottom row of this Start screen, the pinned Instagram site, the PAWA custom tile, & the pinned 6tag app (which shows notification numbers, but nothing else).

PS. As a further alternative, there"s the third tiệc nhỏ 6tag application for Windows Phone 8.1, which still works và offers a more WP-native interface, albeit looking a little dated in 2018.

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