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Global Education invites you to iCafé – See the USA!

iCafé is a virtual trip around the world lớn explore new cultures, cuisines & celebrations. In our summer 2021 series, we visit the United States of America with iCafé - See the USA!

Travel Trivia, hosted by Extension International, is baông chồng with gift cards lớn the winners (compliments of Recreation); và don’t forget our savory segment for Chefs, the Cook Club hosted this summer by the Retirement Association, will feature great American recipes. Yum và fun!

New summer iCafé segments include:

anhhungxadieu.vn is không tính tiền và open to everyone! Additionally, we invite fellow travelers lớn be Cultural Ambassadors and tóm tắt a story or experience from any of the U.S. states and territories. We will travel all over the U.S. each week khổng lồ explore what this vast và diverse country has to offer. If you are from the U.S., or have sầu visited the U.S., please consider offering a short presentation. Email Debi Gianni at dgianni

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anhhungxadieu.vn.edu to lớn sign up!

Cheông chồng out our Facebook page for more information và recordings of previous iCafés. Connect with your Triton community at iCafé over travel, trivia, culture and cuisine. Join us this summer for miễn phí travel adventures & bring a traveling buddy with you!


iCafé – See the USA! is presented at lunch time over six Fridays this summer via Zoom. Everyone is invited lớn attover this không lấy phí sự kiện. Please register through the link below to lớn join us for one or all iCafés. If you want to lớn participate by being a Cultural Ambassador or Chef in the Cook Club, email Debi at dgianni
anhhungxadieu.vn.edu if interested! We can"t wait lớn travel with you this summer!


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Testimonials from iCafé Participants

It provides a window lớn see the world from our desks và learn about the culture diversity around the world. I love sầu it! 

I love how anhhungxadieu.vn brings people together lớn learn about different places & cultures around the world. I think that anhhungxadieu.vn also teaches us all khổng lồ better appreciate & embrace the many wonderful cultures around the world.


This was my first anhhungxadieu.vn and it was just wonderful!  Terrific ambassadors, a great cultural learning experience - & a great incentive sầu to visit Malaysia!

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