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Cryptocurrencies have always been associated with high risks & high rewards. Cryptocurrencies are considered the currency of the future as they can be more secure than traditional payment systems.

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Out of almost 20,000 crypto tokens traded publicly, it is important lớn choose the one that fits your portfolio relatively well. This article will explore three cryptocurrency tokens, Adirize DAO (ADI), ZCash (ZEC), và Dash (DASH). It will also discuss the utilities behind these three coins.

Adirize DAO targets the stable coin space with innovative solutions

Adirize DAO aims to become a stable coin that can be used in daily transactions. It aims lớn create a DAO which has complete control over the native token of the platform, ADI.ADI is free-floating reserve money supported by a basket of assets. Adirize DAO focuses on supply expansion of ADI khổng lồ maintain its purchasing power. For this, it uses two techniques, namely staking và bonding. Users can buy ADI from the mở cửa market or instead choose khổng lồ trade their liquidity.Staking helps users lớn receive benefits even in case the market price of ADI falls lower than the initial purchase price. Bonding helps in accumulating value into the Adirize treasury and staking creates scarcity of the ADI tokens.In the long term, the ADI Token will act as a store of value khổng lồ retain và improve its value. ADI could be used as a global unit of account and medium of exchange.The platform uses bonding to allow users khổng lồ gather new assets and achieve long-term security of ADI’s liquidity. ADI holders have the options khổng lồ either hold, stake, or contribute liquidity to lớn the ADI LP. Through its fractional reserves, ADI derives its inherent value which helps it to become a decentralized algorithmic reserve currency.Through this, it aims to lớn prevent crypto tokens from depending on fiat currencies such as US dollars. ADI on the Ethereum chain initially can be used by users lớn vote in decision-making on the platform.Through this, the platform can completely become a community-driven system. The ADI Token can be purchased on presale và it could potentially moon in the future once it gets listed on major exchanges.

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Dash displays signs of resurgence as bulls prevail

Dash is an open-source blockchain platform that aims lớn provide financial freedom và efficient everyday electronic payments. DASH is an inflationary token of the platform with its supply capped at 18.9 million tokens.It is a two-tiered blockchain network that reaches consensus through a proof-of-work mining algorithm. Its quality feature X11 hashing algorithm focuses on overcoming difficulty in mining. With its decentralized governance system, Dash became the first Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO).The platform uses ChainLocks which reduces about 51% of risks in mining. By 2023, the platform aims lớn utilize smart contracts, allow on-chain computation, và allow interoperable transactions. It also aims to lớn prepare the platform to store and maintain NFTs.Bulls have shown an increased preference for the DASH Token in the past few weeks and a potential rally might start if they manage to prevail.

Protect your privacy in online payments through ZCash

ZCash is one of the first decentralized cryptocurrencies to implement zk -SNARKs to offer the strongest privacy settings to lớn its users. One of the main advantages of the platform is its ability to offer both transparent và shielded transactions.Users can selectively cốt truyện their addresses if required. It is a perfect platform for making di động payments. It supports transactions that require multiple signatures và such transactions are transparent và public.It allows fast and confidential transactions with low fees. Users can accept ZCash in exchange for goods and services on platforms like CoinPayments, Bidali etc. Users in the USA can also purchase their favorite products from Baskin Robbins, & Caribou Coffee using ZCash. ZEC is the native token of the platform.

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