Finally you are here! I have waited a long time for the good things and can now present you with a demo report on the Huawei Freebuds 2 Pro. So-called TWS (True Wireless) headphones are now available like sand by the sea. Everything is possible at prices from €10 to lớn €200. The Huawei Freebuds 2 Pro sets a high price at €150, whether they are still worth the money, you can find out in this review.




Synchronization bad

Device quality

Battery max. 3h at a time


Expensive price

Battery display

Design and workmanship

The Freebuds 2 Pro are very similar to the apple Airpods and are only built a little wider on the stem. Kiến thiết «Huaweis» still have a red ring around the style that doesn't exist at Apple. Otherwise, the freebuds are similar lớn the model from America for confuscan.

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The charging box is slightly more square than Apple's, but it makes it easy lớn set up. Down at the box is the USB-C input, on the back a small button for pairing & on the front 4 LED lights that indicate the battery status of the charging box when opening.


The single earbud weighs 5g and the box 43g. So together the whole package makes 53g. The box measures 45mm in width, 50.5mm in height và is 24mm thick. The listeners are about 16 x 44 x 16mm tall. The workmanship is impeccable & you can clearly see here that you have a very high-quality product in your hands.

Unlocking & operation

To pair the freebuds, all you have to vị is hold down the button on the charging box for a long time and leave the lid open. The charging box starts flashing white and can thus be found via the corresponding bluetooth device. By the way, this works not only with game android devices, but also iOs and Windows (computers, laptop, etc.).

Once you open the charging box, the freebuds automatically connect lớn the device already paired. Game android smartphones display the freebuds ' battery display in the status bar. In some cases, the battery is not shown khổng lồ me as charged, although the earbuds in the box should glow green and thus be fully charged. However, this is only a short-lived error và usually fixes after a few seconds on its own. The freebuds have an acceleration sensor that checks whether the listeners are worn or not. When the listener is removed from the ear, the music is automatically paused. It is also possible lớn listen to music only with one earbud if you get the second one stuck in the charging box or manually continue playing.

The Google Voice Assistant or Siri can be accessed by tapping the left freebud twice. I have not been able to lớn see any real difference to lớn the voice đầu vào via the điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh directly compared to lớn the freebuds, so a very good result. With double tapping on the right, music is paused or played back. If you want lớn change the controls, you can simply adjust which command to lớn use on which side in the Freebuds ' Bluethooth options. A little bit of a shame I think louder/quieter or skipping a title doesn't go straight from the freebuds. So you always have lớn pull your điện thoại out of your pocket và fumble about it if you're just not happy with the song. Also somewhat negative I find it somewhat negative that when plugged back into the ear the music does not play automatically and only continues after the double tap.

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Connectivity and communication

The Huawei Freebuds 2 Pro maintain a công nghệ bluetooth không dây connection above 20m when there are no obstacles. Unfortunately, however, the body toàn thân is a strong obstacle for the freebuds, so the small sound companions with the điện thoại thông minh in the back pocket unfortunately vị not work without interruptions. This is actually already unforgivable for a sản phẩm of this price range.


As with favorable versions, synchronization between the left & right listeners sometimes doesn't work reliably. However, here we are talking about a hàng hóa that costs over €150. Again, we can actually just shake our heads. This has a very disruptive effect depending on the situation and can also occur more often one after the other. By pausing và replaying, this can be fixed & the listeners sync each other anew. However, it is sometimes quite tedious và I could not see any scheme why this negative effect occurs.

After all, there is not much delay in the sound playback for the Freebuds 2 Pro. So videos can be easily enjoyed with the TWS headphones.

There is even a Chinese app, but unfortunately it does not exist in the Playstore. The phầm mềm is designed to provide updates to lớn the small companions. I got the app and couldn't notice a benefit. The updates don't work and always break off. No other features are available, except for an instruction manual in German. Perhaps there is more to come by updating the app. Freebuds 2 updates are possible via the bluetooth không dây menu on your smartphone, so you don't need the ứng dụng to vị that.


With one charge, the freebuds manage khổng lồ run for 3 hours. But if you don't put the listeners back in the box during breaks and just put them on the work table or put them in your pocket, the battery quickly becomes scarce. The charging box is sufficient for 4 full loads, so you have a total of about 12h of music enjoyment with you. The box can be charged via USB-C cable or wireless charge. The second function with the combination to the Huawei Mate trăng tròn Pro is quite nice, which can charge the listeners using the reverse charging function. However, this takes relatively long time as usual và is more of a crazy feature than a really useful feature.


If you are looking for rich basses & clear sound, you are not right with the Huawei Freebuds 2 Pro. For the enjoyment of music on the go and in between, it is the appropriate companions, thanks to lớn the small kích cỡ and wireless comfort. You couldn't tell a difference from the táo khuyết Airpods in the sound quality, but for €150 I expected a lot more from Huawei.

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