Undead World: Hero Survival


Collect heroes, level them up, equip them for combat, & ascend them through the ranks to size elite zombie-slaying squads. And watch out for your fellow humans, too, because some people want to lớn save the Undead World... But some just want khổng lồ rule it.




These are just some of the heroes you can collect and send into battle in Undead World: nhân vật Survival. There will be more & more heroes khổng lồ discover as the adventure continues with future updates. Each anh hùng has a faction alignment, a combat class, an origin story, & an attitude, plus special skills that phối them apart from the crowd.

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The Hive is the last human city. Its high walls keep out zombies and raiders alike. Those lucky enough to lớn live there follow the rules of the Matriarch.

The kết thúc of civilization is no excuse for the end of civility.

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They"re rough & rowdy, good in battle (and fun at parties). They scavenge what they can and steal what they must. Try và stay on their good side.

Most people miss the world from before. The Sugar Reapers seem to thrive in the chaos.

Neither human nor zombie, these products of unnatural selection hunger for vengeance.

Gungnir Tech was a major corporation before the zombie outbreak, & their people seem lớn have weathered it surprisingly well…almost like they saw it coming.

She looks like a Tank, but her pure heart và loyal spirit make her the gold standard of Support.">ELAINE
This Florida man is a skilled mechanic who puts his kích cỡ on the line as a Tank for his team.">TJ
After running an international criminal empire, killing zombies with the Sugar Reapers is honestly a bit quaint by Nina"s standards.">NINA
He doesn"t remember being anything other than a monster, and he fears his own ferocity.">DAMON
This former ice cream man is so scared of zombies, he"s now the I-Scream-Man! to keep his cool, he puts the undead in a deep freeze.">Jack
Recruited from a second-grade science fair, this child prodigy was raised by Gungnir khổng lồ see everything that moves as a demo subject.">ALEXA
Guarding from atop the Hive"s high walls, Yeji"s aim is true. When her arrow pierces the tip of your shoe, you"ll think twice about that invasion.">Yeji
He"s on a quest khổng lồ save the world and slam-dunk anything--or anyone--that tries khổng lồ stop him.">CONOR
With a mighty swing of his flaming baseball bat, he makes his enemies see the light.">TYLER
He doesn"t say much, và that"s for the best. You don"t want to lớn know what this madman is thinking.">KIERAN
Just point in the direction you want him to lớn hit. He"s not too sharp, but if you"re looking for a blunt instrument, you"ve come to lớn the right tool shed.">LUKE
Mary has been luckier than most, và she knows it. She will fight lượt thích hell to defend her people.">MARY
If he dresses like a gunslinger & shoots lượt thích a gunslinger, then what are you waiting for? Put him on the backline with plenty of ammo.">AXEL
A former fencing star, he wields a sword with absolute mastery & grace. He ditched the helmet, though, because who would hide this face?">HENRY
Looking at her, you"d think she likes baking or knitting… but she really likes target practice và blowing stuff up.">COOKIE
He says he"s a doctor, & he carries a little black bag…not lượt thích you"ve got better options these days.">DOC
If you"re fighting the good fight, Laura will be by your side, packing her six-shooter.">LAURA
This OG xanh Banshee never leaves trang chủ without his axe.">OLOF
The only thing he hates more than zombies is being stuck in the states. Point him at your enemy & let him work out his aggression.">MURRAY
You can"t spell cojones without Jones.">JONES
She"s a flayer with flair.">BELLA
A fiercely dedicated thành viên of the Collegium, Cady wants to lớn bring everyone together, to stop the fighting and unite against the zombies. But if she has khổng lồ kick all their asses to lớn get there, that"s fine too.">CADY
Smarter than the average monster, but every bit as deadly.">KIT
He"s a candy man on a permanent sugar high. Take a treat và see what happens.">NADEEM
Smart as a whip, vicious as a snake. Nils excels at finding trouble…and making it worse.">NILS
Her muscles are massive. Her ego might be just a little bit bigger.">TAMMY
He saw doomsday coming a mile away. If only everyone would just shut up và listen to lớn him, he"d save (and lead) them all.">SAM
Meredith isn"t much of a fighter, but she"s deadly just the same. A botanical genius, she concocts potions for allies and poisons for enemies.">MEREDITH
Built like a tank and always ready for a fight. The best defense is a good offense? Nah. The best defense is Gabriel.">GABRIEL
Tragedy has forged her into a fierce protector for her Hive family.">LEIGH
The Undead World is refreshingly simple: no TPS reports, no social norms to adhere to. Just không tính phí rein và a roaring chainsaw.">ABIGAIL
She serves the Matriarch with quiet pride. She prefers to lớn let her spear bởi vì most of the talking.">TANYA
Don"t let her fragile appearance fool you. It might be the last mistake you ever make.">HELEN
Being trained first by the blue Banshees và then by the Hive, this fighter is doubly deadly.">OLIVIA
Her power nguồn chords slay zombie hordes. Her heavy metal makes foes backpedal. She should"ve been on the charts, but she"s a rock star in our hearts.">LITA
She"s a real spitfire, và she"s gonna light up the world.">ROCK
What makes him such a powerful brawler? He"s got something to fight for.">NICHOLAS
Little Dave has an insatiable zest for life. He savors every triumph. He relishes taunting the enemy. He misses haute cuisine lượt thích you wouldn"t believe.">DAVE
This well-equipped maniac has access to lớn all the latest breakthroughs in anti-zombie tech.">ASTRA
Don"t underestimate this old-timer. He"s an ace hunter with a lifetime of experience. His knees might creak a bit, but his eyes and his trigger finger work just fine.">WEBSTER
Britney"s a survivor. She takes care of herself, and if anyone gets in the way, she goes through them.">BRITNEY
Why should he carry a weapon? He"d much rather steal yours.">DUD
He"s got a hefty club and a hard head. What more could you want?">HUGH
điện thoại tư vấn on this sharpshooter. She always brings the big guns.">SARAH
He"s been in enough fights to know he can take a punch & get back up.">JORDAN
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