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Unlượt thích the other two movies, Descendants 3 didn"t finish with a character telling the audience, "You didn"t think this was the end of the story, did you?", meaning it actually was the end.

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But is it reeeeally the end?

The third movie certainly feels like the over of the story for Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos, the teenage children of classic Disney villains Maleficent, the Evil Queen, Jafar & Cruella de Vil, respectively.


Realising there"s no such thing as fully good or fully evil, Mal permanently removes the barrier between Auradon và the Isle of the Lost, reuniting the two societies và removing the need khổng lồ choose four VKs (villain"s kids) khổng lồ join Auradon every year.

Like a classic fairytale, everyone lives happily ever after, so it feels lượt thích it was always conceived as the final movie for these characters.

Tragically, Cameron Boyce – who played Carlos in the series – died at the age of 20 in July, so the idea of a fourth movie without hlặng seems unlikely.

A large part of the success of the Descendants movies has been the closeness of the cast, và it seems lượt thích his fellow lead stars wouldn"t want khổng lồ vị it without hlặng.


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"I think that the cast has this unbelievable, next-level closeness that when you watch it, you really believe that these characters love each other & have sầu this chemistry in the way that they vì, because we bởi vì," Dove sầu Cameron – who played Mal – told Digital Spy.

"I think so much of the love & feelings that we have towards each other really reflects in the films."

But just because we probably won"t get a Descendants 4 that is a continuation of the original trilogy story, there is scope for Disney to continue the series if it wanted khổng lồ.

It"s already got an expanded universe outside of the trilogy of movies, including various books that fill in the gaps between movies, animated spin-offs & live-action short movies, such as Under the SeaAudrey"s Royal Return.

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There"s every chance that instead of movies, Descendants could continue with these & have a short movie that revisits Auradon every now và then, or a book series that tells of events for Mal, Evie, Jay & Carlos after Descendants 3.

After all, the ending of Descendants 3 did tease that everyone"s favourite VKs were heading off lớn reunite with their parents who all featured in the first movie, but didn"t return in the other movies.

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"I don"t think we ever asked Kristin lớn come bachồng for the third, or any of the parents really, but I vày know that she would love sầu khổng lồ be involved in the franchise more," Dove Cameron explained.

"She"s a very good friover of mine & I know that she enjoys the franchise so much, as well as Cheyenne Jackson , và there"s definitely possibility for that in the future."



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And Dove sầu Cameron also hinted at another possible direction for the series khổng lồ take, involving some of the new characters.

Each movie introduced a new crop of younger VKs, including Dizzy (daughter of Drizella Tremaine), Celia (daughter of Dr Facilier), Squeaky & Squirmy (twin sons of Mr Smee), so we could well catch up with them as they settle inkhổng lồ life in Auradon.

The star was keen lớn point out that she hadn"t heard anything about spin-offs, although did tease something she was doing with the franchise.

"I know that Disney has been very specific about saying that this world doesn"t really ever end, it goes on forever & the possibilities are endless," she added. "I would never say that it"s over, but I also would never confirm anything at this time. I would be open khổng lồ doing more.

So fear not Descendants fans, it might not be the end of the story yet.


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