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There are multiple ways of cheating in iOS games, but this guide will show you one easy way lớn hack them all that we created and can be used by newbies và experienced cheaters alượt thích. Simply use one of the methods below to get working hacks for your iOS game.

Bạn đang xem: Free non Search App (80% success, very easy) FreeFinder is a tìm kiếm engine for cheats that will enable you lớn skip all fakes, scams, human verification shams và other annoyances you regularly encounter when looking for iOS game hacks for online và offline games.


All you need to lớn bởi vì is either tải về the phầm mềm or go to the tìm kiếm engine by going khổng lồ và going for the ‘find free cheats’ button.

Now enter the name of your game to lớn find working mods, hacks và cheating tutorials from legitimate game hacking websites. If you want lớn get more up lớn date results, then try adding ‘iOS’, the current year và the current build or game version to your search. Example: “pubg di động iOS gian lận iOS 2019” – Now iOS mods và hacks are quite a bit rarer khổng lồ find than Android ones, since the game hacking community is not quite as strong on iOS, so if you have an Android device lying around somewhere, then follow the Android guide instead.

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Use Game Hacking Tools (100% success, very hard)

While installing modded game apps is quite convenient và easy most of the time, the downside of using iOS game mods is that they are not always available for every game out there, especially since they usually need khổng lồ be updated as iOS game apps get patched & updated. However, using iOS game hacking tools you are able lớn manually edit the game memory, patch apps and modify game data to create your own cheats.


While this method of hacking games on iOS is a lot more complicated than downloading & installing a mod, it will work for any game that uses a game client lớn some extent, which is pretty much 100% of all iOS games. If you have sầu not experience with modding game memory & using game cheating tools, please get started with this tutorial. After learning the basics you will be able to lớn find tutorials on how to use iOS memory editing tools khổng lồ manually cheat in a lot of iOS games. You won’t learn everything necessary lớn haông chồng advanced online iOS games in a day or two, but over time you will master the craft.

Find the Top Best iOS trò chơi Hacking Tools


Switch lớn Android (100% success, very easy)

iOS may be a very popular mobile OS, but due to the very protective sầu nature of Apple, not allowing for the creation of emulators, not allowing the installation of unknown apps, the requirement for both rooting và jailbreaking to then install a modded phầm mềm store khổng lồ then begin to be able lớn install mods and many other factors that make modding & game hacking a huge pain on iOS, Android is very objectively the superior mobile gaming platform for people looking lớn cheat.


Switching khổng lồ Android can be as simple as downloading an emulator. No buying of a completely new mobile device is required khổng lồ switch from iOS to Android gaming và finding working mods và cheats is infinitely easier for Android games compared khổng lồ iOS ones, since the game hacking community is so much bigger on that platform due khổng lồ the factors mentioned above sầu. – Also most the games, if not all, that you may want to hack on iOS are also available on Android và you may even be able to connect lớn the same accounts.

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