Total ammonia chemkey® reagents


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What is the Pick&Ship™ program?

Pick&Ship is an effective sầu way to lớn reduce the time and cost associated with inventory needs for reagents and consumables. With Pick&Ship, you can establish a scheduled delivery of the reagents & consumables you use on a recurring basis. Pick&Ship reduces paperwork & helps you lớn be assured of always having a fresh supply of the reagents you need. In many cases, it can also lower your cost of inventory.

Are there conditions for the Pick&Ship program?

Not all products are eligible for Pick&Ship. Please see sản phẩm pages of specific products you are interested in ordering to lớn a Pick&Ship Order.

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How vày I create my Pick&Ship program order?

Prepare a shopping cart with just the items you want in your Pick&Ship program, then cliông xã the Pick&Ship button on the ordering page. On the page that follows, set up the delivery schedule you prefer. You may select a different schedule for each line nhà cửa in your order. After you"ve sầu prepared your shipping schedule, proceed with checkout normally. Your confirmation will include the shipment date details you"ve sầu mix up for your order.

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How bởi I change my Pick&Ship Order?

If you want to modify a current Pick&Ship order, please tương tác our customer service at 800-227-4224.

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Total Ammonia Chemkeys, range 0.05 - 1.5 mg/L NH3-N. For SL1000 Portable Parallel Analyzer (PPA). Box of 25.

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