Aria Granavì chưng Espadomain authority (private server) has officially launched. The base rates are mix to x10 for EXPhường, Stance EXP, and Drops. Their current game client is built from IAHGames (Singapore) client. Some basic information...

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Cash Shop: The cash siêu thị system is not finalized. It seems that you may eventually be able lớn get Gold for voting or donation. Also, no premium character (e.g. Asoka) at the moment.Mission Room Error: Currently, there is an error when trying to lớn create mission rooms, including quest missions.

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Scarlet Underground Access:
You bởi not need to complete Bahama quest scenario khổng lồ move sầu into lớn Reboldeaux Scarlet Underground. Good for Arsene Circus starters (tip: use Invisible Stalkerfor low-level characters) or Secret Guarding in Errac.Active Players - To Migrate Or Not To Migrate?Is there any reason for existing players of other servers to switch over lớn Aria? Most active sầu players would have sầu sets of AR/DR 32-33 equipment with family level 50+.Even with x10 rates, it will still take a long time to rebuild the family bachồng up lớn level 50+ from scratch. Also, note that most official servers had instant-master events, such as Rise of the Masters!.Not to mention the frustrating process of upgrading, enchanting, & socketing their sets of racial weapons, armors, and accessories.IAHGames servers are currently at v9.5, và will update lớn v10 soon. So why play a buggy, lower version on a less stable hệ thống with a more restrictive client (see note on password above) just khổng lồ rebuild your family & equipment from scratch with only x10 rates?Maybe it will help for new players, but it probably won"t attract players with established families in other servers at this point.A private hệ thống has lớn offer things that are difficult or costly to lớn acquire in the official servers, otherwise what"s the point of playing in a private server? Frustrations with official servers usually concern the following:Cash Shop-Related Randomness, e.g. gambling boxes/web games, upgrading, enchanting, opening sockets.Crap Raid Loot, e.g. why pay 5m vis in Joaquin Underground Prison mission for bonus roulette to get 1 Portable Ancient Star Orb Box?Ridiculously Hard-To-Get Items, e.g. 200 Devil"s Dreams per weapon... For v8.5, that is nonsense.Non-Tradable Items, e.g. some character cards, Mercenaries Warrants...If Aria really wants to encourage hệ thống migration of active sầu players, these are things that they need to look inkhổng lồ, i.e. elevating players" frustrations with the official servers.You may discuss this further in their diễn đàn topic -Is this hệ thống worth playing?.
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