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Goku is often shown being put in his place by his wife Chi-Chi, but sometimes it really felt as though he didn"t deserve her love.

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There are many anime series that leave their mark on mainstream culture and are able lớn persevere for decades, but the attention that Dragon Ball has received is on a whole other level. Dragon Ball has been at the forefront of the anime industry ever since its debut và it’s found ways lớn invade other forms of truyền thông like đoạn phim games & feature films. Dragon Ball’s lovable và eclectic characters are part of the reason for the show’s success, and Goku is a very popular anime protagonist.

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Goku is rồng Ball’s hero, but his relationship with Chi-Chi is often treated as an afterthought. Chi-Chi is a powerful character in her own right, but there are numerous occasions where her patience should have run out with her husband.


One of the more controversial moments in the entirety of the dragon Ball series is the way in which the anime concludes long Ball Z. Goku grows excited over the news of Uub, a reincarnation of Majin Buu’s pure energy, so he decides to lớn abandon his friends and family in favor of training this new prodigy. Chi-Chi has every right khổng lồ be upset that Goku leaves her once the world finally finds peace. There are also numerous ways in which Goku could train Uub without turning his back on his family.


The long Ball anime moves beyond the magical wish-granting orbs being their most important relic, but they’re still integral lớn the series & frequently come up in an important context. Multiple wishes have been made on long Balls at this point, both of the selfless & selfish nature, but never once has Goku used them in favor of Chi-Chi. It’d be an extremely nice gesture on Goku’s part and there are even tangible ways in which Chi-Chi could benefit from a wish that Goku never considers. It’s reasonable for Chi-Chi lớn clue into this và resent Goku over it.


The dragon Ball universe is full of unusual individuals, but it begins as a series that predominantly consists of humans. Rồng Ball Z quickly changes the status quo with the revelation that Goku is actually a thành viên of an alien race known as Saiyans.

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Chi-Chi and Goku already have a child together at this point, but she could have been able lớn interpret where her life was heading after this bombshell. Solidarity would be appreciated, but it’s clear that Chi-Chi wants a quiet, normal life and she’s not going to lớn get that if she’s married to lớn a warring alien species.


rồng Ball is an anime that’s full of death & loss & most of the main characters in the series have died at least once, which even includes Goku. Goku’s first death happens towards the start of rồng Ball Z và it should have perhaps acted as another major red flag towards Chi-Chi. Goku’s death should be beyond traumatizing for Chi-Chi & it’s not something that she should have to lớn regularly get used lớn happening. Additionally, upon Goku’s revival, his priority is always the battlefield rather than making tương tác with his wife lớn let her know that he’s okay.

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Chi-Chi is frustrated that Goku always chooses battles over romance, but she hopes that she can raise their son, Gohan, lớn be a genius with a bright future ahead of him. Chi-Chi makes this clear lớn Goku, but he continually pushes Gohan into a position to be his successor, right down khổng lồ Goku’s death being a major catalyst in his development. Furthermore, Goku entrusts Gohan with Piccolo when he first dies, rather than with his own mother. Chi-Chi should have been able to lớn recognize that Gohan was never going to lớn get out of this life with Goku still around.

One of Chi-Chi’s biggest annoyances with Goku is how he doesn’t respect her wishes towards her desire for a life that avoids constant training và combat. She doesn’t get this luxury when it comes to her children, but Goku goes one step further in dragon Ball GT when he takes Chi-Chi’s granddaughter away with him into space.

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Goku throws Pan into adventure, which arguably changes her trajectory in life. Goku & Chi-Chi are much older at this point, but her frustration over this would be considerable.

One of the trademarks of Goku’s character is that he’s an endlessly naive character that still seems khổng lồ mentally be at the màn chơi of a child in most areas other than combat. Goku’s purity is endearing lớn a certain extent, but even Vegeta freaks out when Goku admits that he hasn’t kissed Chi-Chi and doesn’t understand the concept. This doesn’t make a ton of sense, but if Goku is lớn be trusted here then it seems lượt thích his relationship with Chi-Chi is void of physical intimacy, which is something that everyone needs.

Chi-Chi once again gets optimistic about the future of her family when she has her second child, Goten. Chi-Chi wants lớn steer Goten in a different direction than Gohan, but Goku basically guarantees the opposite with how he puts combat on a pedestal for his youngest son. Goten enters the World Martial Arts Tournament (albeit in a disguise), which should have been a sign for Chi-Chi about Goten’s future with Goku as an influence. Goten is still very young, but it seems like he’s already turned his back on studying in favor of fighting.

Chi-Chi sometimes gets a bad reputation among fans, but her requests really aren’t that unreasonable. Goku is often away and frequently puts his life on the line. All that Chi-Chi asks for is that housework and chores get done as well as having some savings lớn live off of. Goku has won prize money from tournaments, but it somehow never seems khổng lồ last. He’s also shown slacking off & actively looking for excuses to escape from his obligations or lie to lớn Chi-Chi over what he’s been doing. It’s arguably done for the greater good, but Chi-Chi still deserves better.

long Ball GT takes some radical swings for a long Ball Z sequel series. Long Ball GT initially tries to lớn recreate the original long Ball series’ energy và goes so far as khổng lồ have Goku get turned back into a child. It’s a major problem that Goku has to contend with và Chi-Chi’s take on the situation isn’t properly explored, but it’s fair khổng lồ say that she wouldn’t be a fan of now being married to lớn a child. Goku’s transformation also coincides with his exodus into space, which would make it a clean point for Chi-Chi to break ties.

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