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Torchlight II was, unfortunately, subject to lớn a number of delays. Originally mix for release back in 2011, it’s only now become available for purchase. I’m happy lớn say the wait was worth it.

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It’s a bit rough around the edges, but Torchlight II takes the successful formula of the original Torchlight (and its predecessors) and expands on it, without making any drastic changes. If you played the first game, you know pretty much exactly what you’re getting with the sequel — & that’s definitely not a bad thing.

Torchlight II may not be a perfect trò chơi — the UI could use a bit of extra polish & the multiplayer system begs for extra features — but it’s a ton of fun and at only $20, it’s an absolute steal.


Unlike the original game, there are no skills shared among all the classes anymore — each class has a quality set of 30 abilities. As long as you meet the cấp độ requirements for a skill (which naturally increase as you train a specific skill), you can put a point into it, regardless of how many previous points you have in skills that come before it or in the overall tree.

It’s pretty straightforward, & on the whole each class’s skills seem varied and, for the most part, useful. Even the early skills can hold their own as long as you keep investing points into them (my Embermage beat the game almost entirely using Prismatic Bolt, the first skill in his Storm tree).

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of room to experiment — you can only refund the last three skill points you spent, & the cost to vị so is rather high. One to lớn three points in a skill is, I found, not enough to lớn really get a feel for how the skill will perform at later levels. I often found myself hoarding points or just investing in passives — I was hesitant khổng lồ commit, out of a fear of having lớn restart my character because of bad skill choices.


The most notable new feature in the game is multiplayer — something fans of the original trò chơi had been clamoring for. While the multiplayer system is primitive, consisting simply of a friends list, a menu of games around your level range, and no chat lobby, it gets the job done, and as expected, Torchlight II is great to play with your friends. Any loot that drops in-game is quality to your character, so you don’t have to worry about ninjalooters or fighting over the chất lượng item that just dropped.

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It’s a good thing, too, since you’ll see a lot of uniques drop. Loot is plentiful, and as your work your way through the game you’ll be showered in upgrades, which follow the standard loot rarity rating of common – magic – rare – chất lượng – legendary. Whereas Diablo III was criticized for the scarcity of powerful items and upgrades, Torchlight II almost suffers from the opposite issue, with uniques dropping at a pace of roughly one every half-hour or so.

I hesitate to call it a “problem,” especially since trading is tough/non-existent given the lack of a chat lobby in multiplayer, but I will admit to lớn being a bit annoyed after getting three of the exact same unique helmets in the span of thirty minutes. I’ve yet to lớn find a legendary though — the most powerful, rarest items that only show up starting at màn chơi 50 — so even though I ended my first playthrough with something like 35 quality items, there’s still better, more exclusive loot lớn aim for.

And it’s easy to lớn want khổng lồ aim for better loot after completing the game, since Torchlight II gives you a few options to keep things fresh. There’s a standard New Game+ mode, allowing you lớn begin again with everything starting at cấp độ 50, and there’s also the Mapworks, which enables you to spend gold lớn purchase maps that allow you to lớn enter various random dungeons, each with their own level range và special modifiers that phối things up.


These complaints are relatively minor, though, especially in light of the game as a whole. It’s addictive, it’s got character, & it’s really, really cheap for the sản phẩm you’re getting. I can guarantee you’ll notice some problems as you play through it, and you’ll probably wish the UI had a bit more polish & that the multiplayer system was a bit more robust, but you’ll find these issues don’t detract much from the overall experience. When you consider that the thủ thuật tools are already available, và what we saw with the first game, it’s likely many of these issues will be modded out somewhere down the line.

If you’re a fan hâm mộ of thủ thuật ‘n slashes, loot fests, or dungeon crawlers, definitely pick up Torchlight II. It’s absolutely worth your time và money, & should hold your attention for quite a while. There are portions of the trò chơi that could certainly use a little bit of polish, but it’s unlikely these problems will turn you off from the game entirely. Grab the game, grab some friends, and get to clicking. | | 68gamebai | new88 | game bài đổi thưởng | | C54 MOBI | j88