Samurai Ii: Vengeance Apk 1

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The Samurai warriors of the land of the rising sun are famous for their honor và bravery. They always fight with the greatest enthusiasm on the battlefield with the enemy. Even death is death in glory, without fear of the enemy. A veranda stands in the sky with a sharp sword ready to follow the ideal. Never underestimate the Samurai when you don’t know what they are. Especially the Samurai in SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE with a huge will for revenge.

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Is a fighting kích hoạt game with chất lượng hand-drawn visuals. The Samurai in SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE is shown with a majestic và intense look. Hatred at the cruelty of his enemies to his family, the legendary Samurai decided to avenge them. A storyline built extremely deeply through brutal narration. The battlefields are extremely brutal with blood & tears. The sound is made in a particular chất lượng that can make people feel a little strange. But it is extremely suitable for the circumstances of the matches. The samurai’s scream as he swung his blade, slashing it at cold-blooded enemies. Make them defeat at your hands.


Download SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE gian lận – Revenge with the sharpest blade

Walking on the path of revenge with excruciating pain because of the loss of his wife. Our Samurai will enter the enemy’s barracks and show them your strength. The different levels of the game are divided according to the protection class of the barracks. Each layer of defense will have enemies with different fighting skills và gradually increase the difficulty for you. You will have to get better & better lớn be able to lớn cope with them. Skillfully use reasonable attacks to target the enemy with precision. Don’t let them cut you, you will thất bại blood and die. Experience the sound of the blade slicing through the flesh of the enemy with fatal wounds.


Ethereal landscape

The swordsmen of nhật bản always fought in a somewhat elegant landscape. This makes them exude a noble fighting beauty. The game maker has recreated the fierce battlefields imbued with Japanese culture. Make us feel the nobility in each beauty of the culture. A classic battlefield with slashes of hatred, merciless slashes with a hint of great sadness in it. The leaves blew in the wind beside the spacious rooms of the barracks. Take the màu sắc of the fury of the battlefield và make it even more dramatic. These are lượt thích paintings that are telling their own story.

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A long story

The story of the swordsman is carefully & meticulously cared for. Revealing his sad past, every little corner in life is not much fun. Describes a Japanese feudal society with extremely cruel people. Willing khổng lồ harm others for their own sake. Acts as a monster & claims khổng lồ be the number one in the world. Not accepting that inhuman sight, our anh hùng stood up against them. But they didn’t give him the chance lớn brutally kill his wife. Little did they know that they had encountered a legendary warrior. Now they were dying under his own sharp sword of vengeance.


Slow-motion phases

The game will slow down your beautiful moves during combat. You will clearly see your blade take a sharp path through the enemy và split them in two. Shows how dangerous this hero’s power is. The sword slashes without mercy will fall on those evil people who are wandering. Khổng lồ be able to have beautiful slow motion, you have to avoid dangerous attacks. Also, slash enemies before they can attack. The beautiful combos also make the slow-motion phase become much more magical. Don’t be afraid to lớn invent effective combat techniques. You will feel it most clearly.


Deadly Traps

Deadly traps are arranged around the enemy’s barracks. You must skillfully dodge it correctly so as not khổng lồ be affected by it. These traps look simple, but the damage they cause will be huge. It can affect your life a lot. When you fall into these traps, you will suffer enormous damage that will affect the battle process. Learning how khổng lồ avoid these things is necessary and increases your ability to lớn improvise. The enemy simply thinks that you cannot overcome such troubles. They were wrong khổng lồ underestimate a warrior with high skill like you when playing SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE mod.

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