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In this post, we will bring to lớn you the top 5 best online games, which are hot on both PC và sản phẩm điện thoại. The evaluation criteria include popularity, the number of players, and the number of accounts. You can be confident that they’ll be worth your time.

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Strike of King


It is almost the first game in this các mục. Arena of Valor is becoming the spiritual food for a lot of gamers. We can easily catch them everywhere playing together in group of 3 or 5.

Because of its popularity, Garena is willing lớn spover a large sum of money on promoting it by ads và events everywhere. Indeed, the hot of this game make us hard khổng lồ resist.

2. League of Legends


Another game of Garena in this list is League of Legends (LOL). Some gamers only eat và sleep after they finish the game. Once you play it, it will make you hard to lớn stop.

It is not only in Vietphái nam that this game is popular, but it is also famous in several other countries. The unique of its graphics và sound make people hard khổng lồ refused.

Therefore, large và small tournaments are held annually as a way for players to lớn rub each other and show their cấp độ. Sure, LOL will always get a foothold in the list of top best online games.

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3. DOTA 2


Have sầu been in the game market for a long time, DOTA 2 still keeps its attraction & stability. A real-time strategy game allows each player to control a anh hùng to fight against the opponent team.

The variety in the playing style và different skills of the heroes that gives the player a exciting experience. They always have sầu new things khổng lồ explore.



This is a rare games that has been successful on both PC and thiết bị di động. PUBG is probably the pioneer game that opens a new era for survival games. The game challenges the player & forces them khổng lồ focus và brainstorm khổng lồ lớn survive sầu to lớn the over.

PUBG is definitely the most popular name in survival games, & of course, you should try it once!



The success of FIFA Online 3 has brought a challenge và also a motivation for the launch of FIFA Online 4. Released not long ago, FIFA ONLINE 4 is definitely a satisfying place for football lovers.

With great improvements in gaming modes, the game has been well received & supported by lots of gamers. This also hints about the success of FIFA 4 in the future.

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These 5 above-mentioned games maybe strange lớn some people, but in terms of community, it is certainly the five best representatives. Surely over time there will be another king. In the next posts we will bring to you the new & accurate information on these changes.

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