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The only thing missing from Apple"s iPhone 3GS launch is a big, fat bow khổng lồ gussy up what is a huge gift khổng lồ điện thoại gamers.

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Enhanced processing power & tư vấn for advanced graphics make iPhone 3GS a dream device for games. After all, it runs up khổng lồ twice as fast as iPhone 3G, meaning your favourite titles benefit from a doubling in performance. In some cases, it"s even more pronounced.

Most leverage the handmix for smoother graphics & speedier loading, though a few benefit from faster access to lớn the network too. We"ve sầu tested a bunch of games và found these ten khổng lồ be tops on iPhone 3GS.

Have sầu a game that you think plays better on an iPhone 3GS that isn"t listed here? Let us know by leaving a comment or posting in the forums.

10 games that play better on an iPhone 3GS

The Sims 3Publisher/Developer: EA MobileWith all the computing that goes on in the background of this lifestyle simulation, it"s no surprise that The Sims 3 plays better on an iPhone 3GS.

The added power of the handset ensures speedier 3 chiều graphics, but also pumps through all the simulation data through for smoother gameplay. Simple actions lượt thích adjusting the zoom slider is noticeably smoother.

I Love sầu KatamariPublisher/Developer: Namteo NetworksOne of the things we initially criticised I Love Katamari for largely resolves itself when playing the game on an iPhone 3GS.

The annoying freezes that occur when your katamari jumps up in kích cỡ are done away thanks khổng lồ the increased power of the device. It makes an enormous difference in the game"s flow, making it preferable lớn play on iPhone 3GS than an earlier mã sản phẩm.

Hero of SpartaPublisher/Developer: GameloftAước ao the very first games to begin pushing the capabilities of the device with lush 3D visuals, Hero of Sparta benefits from the added processing power of iPhone 3GS.

While there weren"t issues with the performance following the initial release, the game does appear lớn run at a faster lick on the new handphối. Levels load sooner và any hiccoughs with the controls are less apparent.

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Real RacingPublisher/Developer: FiremintWhen it comes khổng lồ performance, Real Racing already exceeded expectations on iPhone 3G and iPod touch. The game benefits from iPhone 3GS not so much graphical, but in speeding up access lớn network features. Syncing your protệp tin online is much faster than on an earlier Mã Sản Phẩm. Additionally, uploading videos to YouTube takes markedly less time.

Prey InvasionPublisher: Hands On MobileDeveloper: Machineworks NorthwestLet there be no doubt that Prey Invasion sits among mỏi a select group of visually astounding iPhone games. That, however, doesn"t prevent play on an iPhone 3GS kicking things up a notch. A speed boost provides for slightly improved performance & greater fluidity in control, which is a boon for shooters like this one.

Resident Evil: DegenerationPublisher/Developer: CapcomBehind nearly every door in Resident Evil: Degeneration waits a loading screen. Fortunately, playing on an iPhone 3GS allows for lickety-split loading that minimises the time spent waiting lớn shoot up zombies. The performance was already solid, though the added speed does tư vấn a tighter, smoother experience.

Star DefensePublisher: ngmcocoDeveloper: Rough CookieSuper-fast loading times make playing Star Defense on an iPhone 3GS preferable.

From the moment you start up the game, you can note the increased tốc độ at which the game loads. Even better, multi-touch works like a dream on the device with the camera effortlessly scrolling around the fully 3D planets with slides of your fingers. Lastly, you can tweet your Challenge mode scores or post them via Facebook Connect quicker, too.

Cops & RobbersPublisher/Developer: GluA rather slow framerate was ahy vọng the few flaws that we pointed out when reviewing Cops và Robbers. Fortunately, iPhone 3GS speeds things up to make this clever foot racer a slicker experience. No more stuttering of the graphics as you jump across rooftops or dart past angry grannies.

Car Jaông chồng StreetsPublisher/Developer: Tag GamesCar Jachồng Streets may not boast cutting edge 3 chiều graphics, though it demands a lot from iPhone with its open-world gameplay.

Raising a ruckus is far better on an iPhone 3GS, the game"s crime-ridden top-down đô thị streaming by at greater tốc độ on the device. The occasional stutter is done away when playing on an iPhone 3GS, not to mention that initial long loading time that kicks off each time you start up the game.

Galaxy on FirePublisher/Developer: FishlabsWhile its stuttering performance has long been addressed in a software update, Galaxy on Fire gains even more of a technical boost thanks to lớn the support of iPhone 3GS. The only rushed element here is that of speed: more power ensures your spaceship zips about the screen without issue.

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