Naruto: slugfest for android


Kunoichi Trainer (18+) game android - is a mobile game based on a series of the same name. This game invites the player to lớn enter an entirely foreign world và experience some of the most incredible events. Your training will be enriched by meeting beautiful female warriors who, for the sake of training, will be ready for anything. There will be juicy details about their relationship revealed along the way, which may have a variety of outcomes.

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Naruto follows the story of an ordinary guy who becomes a coach. He doesn"t know how to lớn train the girls, so that"s the problem. As he gets to lớn know each heroine through frank dialogues, he should try not khổng lồ betray himself. You should complete simple missions in order to start attracting girls sooner or later. Depending on your actions and dialogue, your anh hùng will experience this story in a different way.


What is KT na-ru-to APK?

Kunoichi Trainer is a không tính phí app for Android, Windows, & macOS phones. Kunoichi Trainer focuses mainly on the plot & especially the image of the game to attract players.

This is not a trò chơi for children, with only 2d graphics, but is just as entertaining as games lượt thích Download ff. You can tải về the Kunoichi Trainer phầm mềm to your apk device or play it on an emulator, or install it directly on your computer.

Kunoichi Trainer features Hinata, Ino, & Sakura, three female characters. After watching na-ru-to movies for several days in a row at home, meet them at the village gate. They need a trainer & want you to lớn help them.

You will now be officially the coach of three girls instead of just one lượt thích in Teaching Feeling, isn"t that amazing, guys? Right after the trò chơi was released, many players searched online for the link to tải về Kunoichi Trainer due to lớn its attractive storyline.

It has 3 female characters.


In Naruto, your goal is khổng lồ crush the girls in a fake dating game. As well as being made more beautiful than the originals, these girls look even more lovely.


After watching na-ru-to nonstop for a few days, we somehow ended up around the main gate of the Kunoichi Trainer Apk. In Osaka, Hinata, & Sakura are a few of the famous girls. We decided to play together because they made a mistake for us. As it turns out later, you"re the invited instructor for the girls mentioned above, it"s time khổng lồ conclude what the lesson will be like... However... Because it can be a dream with which we can have fun with them, is... Anything bright just a dream?

Hinata, Aino, and Sakura are introduced as card games. However, this sounds lượt thích a nhái dating game. Your goal in this trò chơi is khổng lồ defeat the girls in Naruto. Hinata, Ino, & Sakura are three well-known main characters. In real life, they look even more adorable. This makes the trò chơi more intriguing.

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The trò chơi also uses cards as its battle system. It offers 25 different cards at the moment. However, the game mode is the only downside. We want khổng lồ prove our affection lớn every girl in this game. Subtle and effective communication is the key lớn capturing their hearts and bodies. It won"t work if we"re rushing. Yeah, you"re welcome lớn join in.


Features ofKT naruto APK

A great giảm giá of attention is paid to lớn the graphics, which enhance the game"s atmosphere in a fantastic way! Here are the features that make it stand out!

Characters - here you are introduced to lớn three female characters, Ino, Sakura, và Hinata. These three girls have incredible, seductive body toàn thân shapes that will leave you in awe! They will always be wearing flashy outfits that make them look lượt thích models. The game will definitely keep your attention. Naruto"s primary goal is lớn conquer these girls. The art of seduction must be mastered in order khổng lồ win their hearts. A rushed relationship will not be liked by them.Completing various actions - when meeting the characters in this game, you will need to keep a bold face before you make any moves. As you continue playing, you will be invited to lớn become an instructor for the girls. You will then have to decide what you need to teach them. Select an exercise to vị with the girls, for example. You will also have lớn develop a way of convincing them to lớn become your girlfriends, as well as train them. Have fun seducing the girls with Kunoichi Trainer.High-quality Graphics - the graphics in this trò chơi are chất lượng because it features and offers very fun gameplay. With awesome graphics & a real story, you can enjoy some exciting dialogue. Your choice of dialogue can alter the direction of the story.Unlimited Money – you need to lớn complete various tasks lớn win và advance in-game levels. To unlock the various items in the store, you can only earn coins that way. Impress the girls forever with more gifts!User-Friendly Control Panel - The controls are simple and make playing the game easy. Since smartphone devices have easy controls, playing on one is going to lớn be very simple.Unlocked All Features - In the Kunoichi Trainer Original game, there is a very interesting place that you can visit, but you must spend money to unlock it.

KT game graphics

The graphics of the trò chơi KT are similar to lớn those of naruto but have been enhanced lớn be more beautiful and attractive. A trio of old girls with hot bodies like a mã sản phẩm is the main character. You will not be able to take your eyes off the game due khổng lồ the charming costumes and appealing content.

Kunoichi Trainer has a Vietnamese version that will make the game easier for you khổng lồ play. In addition, the game also supports many other languages, such as English and Russian, và you can tải về KT Vietnamese to lớn make playing it easier.

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