Released 2014, May 170.1g, 8.9mm thickness android 4.4.2, up to lớn 6.0.1, TouchWiz UI 16GB storage, microSDXC 0.2% 3,000,795 hits 5.1"
BushcatrRU08 Feb 2022

I bought my phone new in năm trước since then I've only replace the battery once. This phone has been all over the country with me on a motorcycle và a Truck it has performed everything I need lớn do and continues lớn perform today. Only complaints I have is the batteries do not stay charged very long I constantly have to lớn keep it on charge. The other issue is the new apps that come out are so large that you can only have a few apps loaded on the phone before using all your memory. I will keep this phone & use until it dies.

Bạn đang xem: Samsung galaxy s5 active g870a 16gb unlocked gsm

vu07 Aug 2021

I've been using Samsung S5 Active for more than 3 years since 2017. It was a great performance phone until it's began to blow up the display randomly so it cause many cons like battery life decrease instantly và blowing up the display so when it's in my pocket it's going crazy. BTW the battery was good enough to exist more than 3 years with many faults though now I have replaced it with a new one and if we compare S5 active with the Regular one active one is the best BC of the battery I mean my regular S5 battery wasn't good enough khổng lồ exist even for 6 months brand new but my active one was good.

Naval128tA$04 Aug 2021

Hmmm, 06 May 2021But,The Regular S5 Phone Not WaterproofBro, the regular S5 is waterproof. It has the same IP67 rating as this S5 Active.

Hmmmwr006 May 2021

An S5 Active User, 05 Feb 2021I don't get what was the point of this phone. A rugged phone but why. You could of easily... MoreBut,The Regular S5 Phone Not Waterproof

AnonymousRjt12 Apr 2021

I still have this phone for a while now, its still good, only had khổng lồ replace battery after it inflated causing the back cover khổng lồ pop off. I heard there is a successor for the s5 active, the Xcover pro, it only uses 4g so the phone will run smoothly. Battery is replaceable, 4 gb ram, 64 gb storage, the newer phone doesn't sacrifice thiết kế over protection, so it looks lượt thích an expensive phone. But with this s5 active phone its not bad, great if it breaks since I can buy a used one for $50 on Ebay or amazon.

An S5 Active UserY1S05 Feb 2021

I don't get what was the point of this phone. A rugged phone but why. You could of easily bought a case for the Regular S5 and it would of done a better job. Sure it helps to lớn have the extra protection but if you find this phone you probably know how to lớn take care of it. Unless you want retain the dimensions then that's a reason. Now about me. I owned the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active for about 2 and một nửa years & I did is job. Since then I have upgraded to lớn the S10 & I love it for obvious reasons. The only thing I can say that was bad is the speaker placement (same for all S5). Sure back then it was normal for phones to lớn have a lone speaker but placing it on the back was just a horrible idea. Since the phone speaker was facing away from my ears I had the volume at 5/10 almost all the time. I commonly found myself cupping my hand by the speaker just so the sound would bonce off towards me khổng lồ make it louder. Pro's: -Good screen ppi -Strong frame -Water resistance Con's: -Speaker placement -Outdated software -Its 2021! Overall Review: 4/10 - Why would you buy this? Its 2021!

Rick4HH10 Oct 2020

Still have this phone works great under water and in my opinion just as good as new phones out there I did buy new upgraded batteries the extended ones last year and they last long time

AnonymouscJ02 Sep 2020

I bought this phone new 6 years ago. It still out performs many new phones. The screen is perfect. Cảm ứng screen is sensitive. Speakers, camera, ports, wifi all work nearly perfectly. The only issue is I'm on the second battery. The replacement from Ebay was likely not new. Wish Samsung would have continued with the Active series for the general public. I have ordered a Blackview 9700 pro khổng lồ replace this phone. It's coming straight from Hong Kong to lớn Missouri. The nhận xét are terrible with many Blackview phones failing after four months. I don't think there is a Chinese phone that can compare to the 5s Active.

SouthernYankee0a%27 Jun 2020

I lượt thích the phone, it is my outdoor on the xe đạp phone. I use it for navigation, text message. I lượt thích that you can change the battery easily. I bởi not use the camera. The USB port failed after about two years. Not bad for a 5 year old phone.

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TharsanIWS10 Apr 2020

I won"t it Samsung Galaxy S5 active . How can I bring this phone

jim4D903 Apr 2020

camera is bad. Battery is bad. Ram is bad. So much bad. It might be durable but you need khổng lồ buy extra parts. The screen is amoled. Not always good except at night.

AnonymousT2y14 Mar 2020

Bravo, 12 Dec 2019Ss5 active is a nice phone, inernet conections are very fast...... Even the camara is very str... MoreWorst phone ever. Since I owned this phone, the back has never fit properly. So much for being water proof. Just a terrible phone. Never buy.

Bravoxja12 Dec 2019

Ss5 active is a nice phone, inernet conections are very fast...... Even the camara is very strong both at night and day..... But my own camara does not have a good unique camara, i dont know if that how the phone is or it just mine

JeanCGH17 Sep 2019

Best phone ever by Samsung phone

Zika38k03 Aug 2019

I have the phone 3 years & the phone work perfect until now!!! No scraches no deffects and nothinhg on it! the phone fell done maybe 1000times và still work great! some times the phone fell down like 4meters on flight and on screen there was nothing even a small scrach! the phone is great!!!


2GZ04 Jul 2019

Samsung hater, 02 Apr 2019S5 active is trash, I"m using it right now lớn type this review. After a year of owning this th... MoreHello there! I"m really sorry about your Samsung Galaxy S5 Active issues, I must insist on telling you that an issue lượt thích this is very internal and only a few models would have such an issue. A problem lượt thích this could possibly be resolved in hard resetting your device. Please understand that throughout your Actives life spam, if you bought it pre-owned, you have no idea what the previous owner could have put the phone through. However, if brand new, anything that may have happened with you lượt thích an accidental drop or submerge in water could be lớn blame fully!

LoppapcE08 May 2019

New firmware update today!!!

Samsung haterQDT02 Apr 2019

S5 active is trash, I"m using it right now lớn type this review. After a year of owning this thing the led in the screen stopped flashing yellow, naturally this led me khổng lồ believe already that my phone had the precursor lớn Samsung aids, Samsung hiv. After another year the issue finally resolved itself, but now my cpu acts like its trying to lớn swim through molasses. Snap chat constantly crashes my phone, that being the only tiện ích the now works. Anything else just freezes on that screen and the phone needs a good hurling to lớn fix it. This unconventional method was, in fact, suggested en masse among the solutions khổng lồ combat this problem. This phone is durable for a reason.

mauroeprLDc31 Mar 2019

Abulonxy , 20 Feb 2018My Samsung galaxy s5 active battery runs down even when I am not using it. Please why. That was a defective battery, the great thing is that it is removable và it"s cheap to lớn buy it

Nordic 870FgE402 Dec 2018

Pros Removable battery. My first one lasted 3 years until it bloated. New one cost 30e. Physical buttons. Waterproof. (up to lớn 1m for 30min) Software. UI. I have ms launcher installed makes modern. Might some day get custom ROM. I had to put play store tự động update khổng lồ manual cos 2GB of RAM gets filled by samsungs updating bloat. 3.5mm jack. Cons Heats up during demanding tasks. Probably most phones bởi vì this so not that bad. 2GB of RAM. Has to reload apps/webpages if multiple apps open. USB micro B port not c. Not a problem really cos usb c is not on most devices/pcs. Android 5. No issues but might be a bé for many. Amoled 16m colors new IPS displays rival it with no burn in or other amoled problems. No amoleds for me in the future if IPS is longer lasting and more reliable. I haven"t had any problems with durability. Back cover. Charging port area. Plastic feels alot better than glass screen or glass back và does not break/shatter so easily. Might replace in the future for something that atleast has the same properties but with more RAM, energy efficient CPU, more pc windows like capabilities. During release one of the best phones. Now still cos if compared lớn other phones with removable batteries. This phone has custom ROMs, no competition. Buying something that lacks features và has diminishing returns means being played by abusers. Supporting bad practises will lead khổng lồ a slippery sloap that is bad for consumers and good for execs.

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