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Genre: Adventure/RPG
Platforms: XBox 360, Android, XBox One, PC, Playstation 3
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 2 Reviews
User Rating: 6.4/10 - 5 votes
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Final Fantasy XIII had some huge shoes lớn fill when it first released. Being the newest installment in the series after huge successes lượt thích FFVII and X, X-2, & of course the remasters that have sầu slowly been produced, it would have sầu been difficult for any game khổng lồ follow suit no matter how many checkboxes were filled out for fans. Regardless, FFXIII taps inlớn some of the very best aspects of the series, only succumbing lớn a few minor lapses in development. There are classic callbacks in terms of game thiết kế, new mechanics to lớn keep older players invested, & a wealth of intriguing characters that can draw in anyone looking for a great story. Despite having its origins with the first Final Fantasy way bachồng in 1987, alongside other classic JRPGs lượt thích Chrono Trigger & Dragon Slayer, Final Fantasy XIII managed khổng lồ keep things fresh. Its not absolutely perfect, though it sets itself apart it just the right way lớn give sầu it a unique flavor.


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Face Your Destiny

Although this is an RPG title, and is often discussed as being somewhat open world, the reality is that its usually more heavily noted khổng lồ be an ‘on the rails’ type of RPG. Essentially, most of the game is corridors despite having a complex story that contains equally diverse characters that face their own internal struggles. In terms of the Final Fantasy Standard, XIII does a great job of keeping the storytelling aspect of the series alive in well. Led by Lightning, the strong female protagonist who I felt grew on me as the game progressed, the team is comprised of Snow, Hope, Vanille, Sazh, & Fang. I personally feel each of these characters has an arc that is explored effectively (perhaps besides Fang, as she still feels lượt thích a bit of an outsider at times, though that’s debatable I’m sure).

Both Vanille và Sazh were great characters lớn get lớn know on deeper levels – the details of their lives really push this from being a game and into a fully fleshed out experience. The main story can get a bit convoluted at times since so many things are happening at once, but this is nothing out of the ordinary. It feels even a bit more streamlined/linear due to the combat kiến thiết. Overall, it was strong and can easily rival the plot of FFVII.

Act Strategically

There’s good & bad about the combat system as with any title, though the wider consensus is that it isn’t quite as intuitive sầu as its predecessors. The combat itself is about as competent as any other JRPG/Final Fantasy title out there. Each character fills three different roles which can be changed during a fight – known as paradigms – and can add a lot of neat variety lớn each battle. To fight enemies effectively, its imperative khổng lồ balance paradigms and perform combos with squad mates khổng lồ get a stagger, though this can be challenging khổng lồ do.

Where the game lacks a bit is in the progression system và the actual level kiến thiết. Progression for each character is entirely linear – there are minimal branching paths & even when there are it plays little functional difference. Lighting và all here companions are essentially designed to lớn fill a few specific roles on the team. The cấp độ kiến thiết is equally linear, filled with endless corridors that, despite being set in wonderfully detailed worlds và improved by crisp graphics, quickly gets repetitive.


## Bottom Line

Though the battles can be dynamic, it always feels lượt thích something is missing when traversing the overworld. I can forgive this since simple cấp độ designs were purposefully done given the depth of the story và lore. These are, overall, two minor flaws in an otherwise amazing experience.

FFXIII holds up well even though it has been preceded by a long line of successful games. It provides its own take on the series without creating an alienating experience.


Complex storyCombat is dynamicCharacters are satisfying khổng lồ watch develop


Levels are linear corridors most of the timeProgression system is linearOverall gameplay can feel repetitive/grindy
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